Top 10 Crowdfunding Websites To Collect Funds for Your Idea

In this rising economy of the world, even dreams take a price for their actualization. While some of us are ready to pay it all, there are many who fall short at the monetary grounds. For them, crowdfunding is a big help which can assist in the realization of their goals. As the name suggests, crowdfunding is when common people like us contribute a little bit of whatever we can, towards one common cause.

Anyone is welcome to pay and anyone is allowed to put up their cause and request for help. An act based on this global crowdfunding is also pending to be approved by the US laws. Nevertheless, there are many crowdfunding sites across the world, which enable the individuals to put up their projects or works and give every possible evidence to convince the viewers that their plea is genuine. If they are successful in garnering the right amount of response towards their request, they might be able to gather all the monetary fund which they require for their endeavors.


Here are the top 10 crowdfunding sites which are helping the mass across the globe, in the recent days:

1. Kickstarter

Collecting a total of $220 million for 61,000 projects, Kickstarter is the leading crowdfunding site at present. Made for the US based users, the site claims that thousands of people are always there to pay something or the other to the projects which they find truly deserving. Kickstarter does not deal with social services and other awareness donations, but only for the creative projects which have been presented such that they grab the eyes of the payers in one instance.

2. Indiegogo

Allowing everyone from the whole world to register and get their payment through PayPal, Indiegogo is a very convenient site for crowdfunding. All you need to do is register with them and provide all the required details, along with a funding plan. The best part is that Indiegogo will pay you all the money that your project is able to raise, after deducting a certain percentage as their share, irrespective of the fact that your project has reached the maximum funds amount or not. Once you have made some money here, you will be getting that to your account, without any hassles.

Created crowdfunding campaign

3. RocketHub

Highly boasting of its three-step procedure of registration, RocketHub ensures that once you are on their site, you gain something or the other out of it. The site allows you to present your ideas creatively and poses a good opportunity for all the artistic people to gain a good audience base. It also presents a valuable chance of collaborating with big companies, by an option called LaunchPad, which can help you gain more potential opportunities and win prize money for your unique project.

4. GoFundMe

GoFundMe is all about raising funds for any type of usage. There is no restriction on the type of entries coming in and you can even put up demands for your personal usage. All the money that you make from it, be it for buying a dog or for a vacation, it will be directly given to you after the deduction of a nominal fee by the site. It follows the rule of sharing and believes that donating is the donors call. There should not be any restriction on what one might wish to pay for. It is great for personal usage.

5. MightyCause

Working with a strong technical integration and even application support for iOS, MightyCause is the next giant coming up in the field of crowdfunding. It has various categories like nonprofits, individuals, foundations and corporations under which you can register your demand and get funded. There is also an option to spread the word through various social media sites, which furthermore increase your chance of meeting the funding limit.

Crowd Fund Your Ideas

6. Crowdrise

The team of Crowdrise favours to call itself the workers towards charity, who concentrate on the global issues like animal well-being and helping the underdeveloped. It raises funds which thereafter goes towards the benefits of the downtrodden. But it also has the options for personal fundraising, from simplest things as birthday parties to the entrepreneurship willing to be undertaken.

7. PledgeMusic

As the name suggests, PledgeMusic is all about music and songs. It is a crowdfunding site developed to help the musicians who are in dire need of finance to keep their art living. It is an exceptional website which carries all the details of the musical artists pledging here and makes it easier for people to contribute. It also has a digital download option which helps the users in downloading the music available there and making the artists famous.

8. Sellaband

Without any restrictions upon the publisher or the dealing company, Sellaband allows music artists to collaborate with anyone on the site and raise funds for their personal gains. It has coordinated the recording sessions of almost 80 music artists and provided the help of about $4,000,000 to different artists, by crowdsourcing. It also offers total independence in terms of music creation. One can add their images and videos for gaining more audience attention.

9. Appbackr

Appbackr helps in raising funds for those apps which are already in their development stage. All you need to do it, get your app registered there and for every purchase made for your app, you directly get the payment with the reduction of a nominal share of the site. It is a goldmine for the upcoming app development projects as they may be able to make money even before their app is in it market.

Crowdfunding your Idea

10. Crowdfunder

A gem in its beta stage, Crowdfunder is a great source for the start-ups which wish to raise funds by the transaction of equity, selling their shares and other revenue based securities. It is like an electoral board where people can vote for their favorite start-up and deviate the attention of big companies towards these entrepreneurships.

By making the right use of these crowdfunding sites, one can realize their dreams in very less time and walk a little distance closer to becoming a big name in the world.

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