Best AI Tools & Apps for Education

AI, Artificial Intelligence Chatbot, Conversational AI, these are the coolest words general public is made familiar of in 2023, thanks to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This tool which was launched in Nov 30, 2022, trained on 570 GBs of data from Internet to create its own answer on anything reasonable that you ask this bot. ChatGPT went so viral that it just took this web tool just 2 months to hit a 100M users mark which, Facebook achieved in 4 years.

ChatGPT sparked a fresh interest in AI space which made internet users use ChatGPT for various casual, fun, creative and serious work and also made them now give attention to other good AI tools. If you didn’t know yet, there are various kind of capable AI tools which need your attention.

Some tools like ChatGPT can help you get clear and concise infromation about any topic, some AI tools can create a unique image based on your description, some AI tools can even create unique music. In this article, we’re going to discuss about all of them but before you go deep into these AI tools, be aware that AI tools are trained on a dataset due to which it is prone of these AI biases explored in Express VPN Blog post. Everybody knows ChatGPT, now lets take a look at other cool AI tools available at your disposal –

AI holding globe

1. Midjourney AI

Midjourney is another very viral AI tool that you’ll find fun to use. This software can generate unique images based on your idea. Just join midjourney’s discord and you can ask it to draw some images based on your description. Initially Midjourney will draw few and in small resolution and you can either ask it to create more variations if you didn’t like the current ones or enlarge any of the images that it has generated.

2. Murf

Murf is a very important tool for presentations. It is text to speech generator which is so comprehensive than anything we had before. Straightaway, it offers 100 AI voices in over 15 languages, then, the tool provides so many customization options that you can make the AI voice sound very natural. The software is already used by thousands of students, marketing professionals, vloggers and many more.

3. Textio

Textio is a very important AI tool in professional world which helps you remove hidden biases from your writings, reports and answers. The tool is especially helpful to remove any type of bias from job listings, performance reviews, company emails that and also gives your document a score to let you know how much potential it has to draw readers.

4. Fireflies

Fireflies has practically eliminated the need for taking notes while attending a presentation, web conference online. Fireflies uses NLP and create very powerful, short and concise transcript of the audio and video content. You can use a simple chrome extension to use Fireflies notetaker in your video chat to collect notes. It is able to review a 1 hour conversation in 5 minutes. So, you know, if you use it smartly for your studies or work, how much time you’re going to save.

There are lots of great AI tools but above listed ones are some of the most useful AI tools for educational purpose. Make sure to give them a try to check their potential. However, don’t forget to be cautious because however capable an AI tool appears, it can have some underlying biases which may or may not affect its output.

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