Best Cities to Live in Canada for Indian Immigrants

Canada is well known for its high quality of life and standards of living. The country proposes to provide this high quality of life based on a variety of factors like cost of living, employment opportunities, commendable education, and healthcare facilities, friendly environment, organic fruits & vegetables, pure water and affordable housing facilities. Canada is a highly diverse and immigrant-friendly country and has seen a huge influx of immigrants in the past few decades. It is said that 1 out of 5 Canadians is born outside of Canada.

Along with the mosaic culture, spectacular natural beauty is also a major point of attraction for many immigrants who apply in large numbers to move to this wonderful country.

Cities of Canada

If you are considering migrating to Canada to live or work you will be curious to know the best Canadian cities to live for. We have prepared a list of Top Choice Cities for you to consider:-

1. Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is well known for being the most densely populated city in all of Canada with approximately 3 million people. Being one of the most immigrant-friendly cities in North America it threw open its doors for Indian-Canadian immigrants to settle down in this part of the country. More than half of the entire Indian-Canadian population resides in Toronto. You will surely find an Indian community waiting for you in Toronto, irrespective of what Indian culture you belong to.

Major chunk of Toronto’s diverse population are immigrants and it is quite likely that around 50% of the population are born outside of Canada. The unemployment rate in Toronto is significantly low which attracts many job seekers to settle here. Many individuals find their personal income quite satisfactory with a wide range of job opportunities in the area. Toronto boasts of high quality of life and continues to manifest excellence in the field of health, safety, security and ease of doing business.

Toronto Canada

Toronto exhibits a powerful economy and accommodates the largest concentration of private IT companies. With an array of job opportunities, diversified population and a range of things to explore Toronto is definitely the place to live in when you land in Canada.

2. West Vancouver

West Vancouver is often called as the “richest city” amongst all the other cities in Canada. West Vancouver is a suburb of Vancouver. The average income per household is pretty high due to its large industry belt and a dominant real estate sector. The immigrant population makes up around 44% of the total population of West Vancouver. If you are applying for a PR and are planning to live in Canada then this suburb should be one of your most chosen cities to live in.

West Vancouver

3. Markham

Markham is a suburb situated in the north of Toronto. It is easily accessible through the transit or highway. Markham has a high volume of immigrant settlers and this can be one reason why most Indians choose Markham as their destination. It is estimated that about two-thirds of Markham’s population are visible minorities.

More than half of Markham’s population is South Asian by ancestry and the town is a popular choice with South Asian immigrants. Markham offers high-quality healthcare facilities through the expanded Markham Stouffville Hospital. With the advent of many tech companies Markham also now boasts itself as the hi-tech capital of Canada.


4. Burlington, Ontario

Situated at the northwestern end of Lake Ontario this city has a very low unemployment rate and a high percentage of immigration population. Burlington also boasts itself about providing one of the best world-class urban facilities in Canada. The average monthly rent is also on the lower side with the average monthly rent for two-bedroom apartments being around CAD 1200.

The lifestyle availability is commendable with plenty of schools, colleges and healthcare facilities available to its residents. Low crime rates, high incomes and especially great transit make this city one of the top picks. The city has a broad economic base that contributes to its economic stability. Jobs are available across multiple sectors and finding a job is fairly easy in Burlington.

Burlington, Ontario

5. Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill lies about 25 km or 15 miles north of Toronto’s commercial center. Visible minorities make up half of the population. You will find a lot of South Asian communities in the town of Richmond Hill. The city is rich in small businesses and the majority of the people are being employed. It is York’s Regions third most populous municipality and the presence of GoTrain service has made commuting easy for its residents.

The average household income is around 34% higher than the Canadian average and the employment rate is as high as 66% with the most popular occupations being in business, finance, administrations and management sectors. The largest ethnic group is Chinese and after the Chinese, the West Asians and South Asians are amongst the largest ethnic groups that are present in the city.

Richmond Hill

6. Vaughan

Vaughan accommodates the largest minority population and is very immigrant-friendly. Low crime rates have made it safe for families to live in. The employment rate is slightly higher than the average for Ontario. The largest minority populations are South Asians. The business sector provides the majority of employment in Vaughan probably die the fact that the rent prices are quite stable for the past few years. Vaughan is quite attractive to those who are looking for employment in the retail and manufacturing sectors.


7. Calgary

Calgary is the biggest city in Alberta. It has the third-largest urban area in Canada and its mosaic culture makes it very vibrate and attractive. Calgary is appealing mostly for engineers, mechanics, and entrepreneurs. The crime rate is low and employment rates have improved over the past few years.

Calgary has recently seen an inflow of immigrants in recent years with a majority of them coming from South Asian countries. The homely environment and rational housing prices make Calgary a great place to live if you plan on coming to Canada.


8. Ottawa

The capital of Canada, Ottawa offers the highest standard of living in the country and is regularly rated as one of the top ten cities for retirement. Ottawa ranked 2nd nationally and 24th worldwide on the basis of the quality of life per capita and is considered as the best place to live in Canada.

Canadian Business has rated Ottawa as the best place to live based on incomes, car ownerships, unemployment rate, housing, weather and lifestyle. The city offers unmatched health services, economic securities, and affordable housing options. There are lots of opportunities in high tech industries, government and important sectors like health and education.


So, if you’ve been confused about which places to settle in Canada when you move there, I hope this list will help you make an informed decision. If you have something to add, do share it in the comment section below.

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