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Being a multimedia designer, a professional or a vlogger, you have often come across the hassle of video to mp3 converter, and somewhere in the process you have faced the traumatized situations such as downloading bulky software for your OS or you have to stay in the limits of file size, and it is highly likely that you may have lost your essential data in the process. Deeply reckoning your concerns, this article will walk you through all the processes and platforms available where you can have your video converted to mp3 in an optimized way, without any indulgence of background noise and without losing any of your data. Therefore, let’s begin with the best mp3 downloader & converters alternatives you have available that would save you plenty of time and promise the desired quality.

Youtube mp3

In this modern era, where so many advancements have been made in IoT, and online website servicing, you might be looking for a YouTube music downloader to download and convert simultaneously Youtube to mp3, WMA and many others. Many of the gamers, YouTubers, marketing personnel, and business development tycoons are looking for a perfect YouTube music downloader. This article will enlighten you about where you should surf and which software you should download to complete the process without any hassle and troubles alongside without compromising the quality of your file. There are a number of online platforms and vigilant software available that provide you with the best downloading experience.


Evano is one of the handy online software currently available as a mp4 to mp3 converter considering the process you just have to navigate to the website and drop your file over there, it will ask you about the format in which you want to convert, but the file size should not be more than 100Mb. It saves you from downloading the software on your OS and besides delivering you with the best results quickly. Furthermore, this online platform is offering you to edit your audios and videos, and you can swiftly maneuver them considering what to add or remove, effects to be added, all can be done just with a click. To avail these services, you just have to register yourself, and there you go, now you can explore this potential platform tailored to your requirements.

You are definitely now thinking about what the price packages are if your file size is up to 1500 Mb, you can avail the services for free. And they are also limited to 10 file conversions per day. However, if you have a number of files to be converted, then you must subscribe to their $9 monthly package.

If you are looking for an ad-free environment, with the perfect user Interface, then you should visit They are providing you with the best experience to convert your downloaded files into mp3 with the enhanced quality and empowering you to maneuver over the entire file to add or remove portions and also make your conversions impactful by providing different effects that can be applied. Several multimedia designers are using this platform as it is the most professional online tool available to maximize your benefits. To be used for commercial purposes, you would rather have to subscribe to their $9/month package, which has so many features for your enhanced experience.


Since many of the entrepreneurs, marketers, and business teams want to have the perfect presentations and ads with the most resounding sound effects, therefore they need flawless and synchronized mp3 converted files and the most popular and demanded online software for video to mp3 converter is Ontiva. If you are following a video that is on YouTube and you want to convert it into mp3, then Ontiva provides you with the online service to convert unlimited videos into mp3 or mp4, you have to paste the link of the video then just in a while the file is converted, and now you can download it.

Furthermore, you do not have to register and indulge in issues of registering, simply have the converted files in minutes/secs. All of your conversions will be just anonymously. The competitive edge that this platform provides you is of the time efficiency. Many firms and users want to have the converted file free of injected malware and Trojans; therefore, they avoid using third party software/tools. That’s why Ontiva claims that it has strict protocols, and they verify that the user is downloading only the converted file. Ontiva is also now developing the highly efficient Android versions so that you can convert your files just through the tap of your fingers.

Ontiva is a dedicated YouTube video downloader that is available online where you just have to pass your link of the video, and in a couple of minutes, your video file is converted and is ready to be downloaded. Considering the premium features of this online tool is that you do not require the hectic and monotonous registration process, and it is absolutely free to convert any number of files anonymously. Ontiva claims that they have the highest speed video converter rates of all the online tools and sources available. One of the perks of using this platform is that there are a number of output selections for you to choose from mp3, mp4 to OGG, mp2, FLV, MOV, and many others.

Moreover, you might be thinking that whether it is illegal to download and convert the files for free, Ontiva says that it’s only illegal if the content is subjected to copyrights, and you do not have the permission to produce copies for the distribution, and as you are downloading it for personal purposes there is no such issue with that. Therefore, this is the perfect YouTube music downloader at your disposal, being free and highly secure.

Similarly, there are many other online websites available that provide video to mp3 Youtube converter services like is a platform that allows you to convert your files in a varying quality range from 64kbps to 320 kbps. This website also allows you to extract a particular part from a clip.

There is another website/online tool available, which is; its main feature is that it is offering a number of conversions from video to mp3, WMA, WAV, and many others. Additionally, this source also requires no registration process. You have to drop the file and convert it into the required file.

There is another source which is, which allows you to convert video of any format into the mp3 file. It is 100% free and secure. Also, this platform is providing you with the Fade In/Out effect, which is usually required when editing conversions side by side. And allows you to convert any video format from mp4 to AVI to be converted into mp3. Therefore, if you have a different format of your video source file and you want all of them to be simultaneously converted to mp3, provides you with that facility.


Another online source available for free is tymp3 online YouTube music downloader, which is providing features to convert your video just by entering video URL, and it will convert your file to mp3 and mp4 formats. If you are looking for a hassle-free process, then this is the right site for your experience.

The potential online tools have been discussed now let’s look at the installed software and the benefits you can enjoy once you have them installed on your OS. There is this highly popular and in market demands software from which is free to download and as you install, you just have to navigate to search bar, and you will be able to find your desire track just by entering the song title, the artist name or the YouTube channel, the software will fetch you the required files, then click download to save full audio tracks as mp3. And once downloaded, you can share your music files to iTunes library or copy to your Android. Now you can relish the best music experience.


There is another YouTube music downloader available FLVTO, which ensures to convert your video file fetching via the URL to many formats like mp3, Avi, mp4, Flv, WMV, and WMA. This is considered to be the lightest on the OS and highly smooth in functioning. It provides you to download many songs at a time and is really fast and highly optimized and ensures maximum retained quality. The app has its audio player, so you can navigate through it, confirming your required file, and download as an mp3 file to your desktop.


There are many online video converters, which you can utilize depending upon your file size, the time you have for the conversion, the quality range/converted file size, the number of conversions you wanted besides ensuring the security of your OS.

If you are looking for the amazing & alluring YouTube music downloader experience and want to enjoy the songs of your choice on your music player while on the long drive, want an mp3 file for your vlogging or you need it for a market campaign or your recruitment drives or as a multimedia designer in your films as the background effects, then the above mentioned online and offline sources will be best suited for your exotic and professional experiences.

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