Where to Buy Stamps in USA?

Stamp collection dates back to decades ago when a stamp was first made and released. It is one of the most unique hobbies to have, precisely because it is not considered trendy and is not one among the flashy hobbies. Stamp collection requires a lot of perseverance on the part of the collector. It also leads to the development of an eye for intricate designs, graphics, and artwork.

Collecting stamps in USA is not a herculean task. They are available easily and in stores across the country. However, one needs to have the knowledge about who or which place sells what kind of stamps to avoid confusion regarding the type of stamps to buy. Listed below are a few places that you can buy stamps from in USA.

Places to buy stamps in USA:

stamps of usa

1. United States Postal Service (USPS):

It comes as no surprise that the best and most well-known place to buy stamps from in USA is the USPS. You can collect the stamps from brick and mortar post offices or their postal stores. It is also possible for you to order the stamps through their online website. The USPS, which was earlier known as the US Mail, was formulated in 1995 and is, therefore, a trusted source of stamp supply.

Buy Stamps online at USPS here

2. Banks:

The only drawback of collecting stamps from a bank is that the services are not available round the clock. The opening and closing hours of the bank are to be kept in mind and the stamps can be collected during that stipulated time. Keeping that aside, good stamps are available at almost every bank. Moreover, banks are trusted sources of stamp collection. Some major banks that are authorized to sell stamps are TD banks and the bank of America.

3. Grocery stores and Walmart:

There is a Walmart store at almost every state in the country and the added advantage of buying stamps from a Walmart store or any other grocery store is that there is no time limitation. They are open all 24 hours of the day. Since they are a major chain of stores and a wide variety of products are available there, one can also expect a good collection of stamps to be on display.

4. A Gas station:

Gas stations are probably the most convenient to buy stamps from. Gas stations are open all day, which means no time limitations when it comes to buying stamps. However, not all gas stations sell stamps but most of the big ones do. It is important one has a thorough knowledge about which gas stations nearby sell stamps. Another advantage of buying stamps from a gas station is that there are a lot of gas stations in a city and one need not drive hours to get to one to buy stamps.

5. Bookstores and office supply stores:

It is pretty obvious that stamps can be found in most bookstores. Since they have a lot of junk and ancient items in display, a bookstore can actually have a better and vaster collection of stamps, which date back to much earlier times. Coming to office supply stores, they are a convenient option for buying stamps too. These stores have been selling stationery and mail equipment for a long time now, so it is but obvious for them to start selling stamps too. Office supply stores are available in plenty across a city which makes it far easier to collect stamps from.

Types of Philately:

The process of collection and studying of stamps is called philately. Mentioned below are a few types of stamps that are collected by stamp collectors.

1. Cinderella Philately:

If you consider anything that looks like a stamp to be a possible part of your collection even if it is not an actual stamp, the Cinderella philately is your thing. Cinderella stamps are the stamps that were never published in major stamp journals but are still a popular choice when it comes to stamp collecting. These were not used as postal stamps but fiscal stamps, labels and telegraph stamps.

cinderella stamps

2. Thematic philately:

Thematic philately, also known as topical philately, is rather a form of self-expression. Any stamp that has a depiction of your favourite bird or tree or car is a potential part of your collection. Thematic philately exhibits your individuality as all the stamps collected under it depict your favourite subject. Thematic philately allows you to add a personal touch to your stamp collection.

Thematic philately

3. Aerophilately:

Aerophilately is the process of collecting airmail stamps. These types of stamps are mainly collected by people who are fascinated by flights. Any document, label, postcard and even letters transported through air mail are collected under aerophilately.


4. Philatelic literature collecting:

Did you know that you need not necessarily collect stamps to be called a philatelist? The definition of philately is the collection and study of stamps. If you collect books about stamps and prefer reading them up to collecting stamps, it is known as philatelic literature collecting. Collection of stamp books, magazines and other forms of study materials about stamps is officially considered as a separate branch of philately.

Philatelic literature collecting

5. Stamp forgery collection:

There is a branch of philately under which forged stamps are collected. Philatelists who keep collecting counterfeit stamps believe that the forged works are proof of better craftsmanship as they not only require art skills but the technicalities of being able to duplicate a stamp to perfection. Some forged stamps are so well made that it is nearly impossible to differentiate it from its original counterpart and more often than not the cost of forged stamps compete very closely with that of the original ones.

Stamp Forgery

The existence and availability of so many different types of stamps often make it an overwhelming process to collect stamps. One might be confused as to which type of stamps to collect that go with the existing collection and from where to collect them. This article provides a concise summary of the different types of stamps that are available and the places from which they can be collected.

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