Swagtron T580 App-Enabled Bluetooth Hoverboard [Best of Amazon.com]

Hoverboards have always been a very popular item among the users. Since the time it hit the market it managed to impress its users. After all, hoverboards don’t only look cool but it is also so much fun to use one of them. If you haven’t use a hoverboard yet, then you are seriously missing out on some great fun. The best thing about hoverboards is that they can be used by both adults and teenagers as well. The main thing about hoverboards is that different models come with different features. It is because of its features that this device is so much in popularity among its users.

Speaking about hoverboards they grew in popularity in the year 2015. During this time the market for hoverboards witnessed a sharp rise. However, the hoverboards that were available earlier had few glitches in them. For example, battery short circuits and other minute problems. But with the introduction of the new Swagtron T580 hoverboard in the market, the scene seems to have completely changed. This is one of the best hoverboards that you can get in the market. If you are planning to get a brand new hoverboard for yourself then you can consider going for this one. But before that, let’s check out its details below.

Swagtron T580 App-Enabled Bluetooth Hoverboard

About the product:

The Swagtron T580 hoverboard is the ideal hoverboard for every rider. With its sleek and stylish design it is known to impress every user that lays eyes on it. This is one of the hoverboards that is a fine example of a high-quality model. If you have been planning for quite some time to get a new hoverboard then you should probably give this model a chance. It is guaranteed that you will not regret your decision at all.

This particular model has cleared every electrical and safety test that it has been put through. All these tests have been conducted in order to ensure that the product is safe to use. Not only that, but the product is also UL2272 certified. To make things even safer for the users, the product also comes with an incombustible outer casing that is meant to protect the hoverboard from catching fire or from any short circuit to happen. Another great thing about the product is that its batteries are protected by smart battery management.

Swagtron Hoverboard T580 Battery

This feature keeps a check on the discharging and charging processes. Other than that the model is also equipped with the Sentry Shield technology which protects the hoverboard in multi-dimensions.

All of these safety features have been implemented in this model so that the users can enjoy and have a nice time with the hoverboard. With this particular model, the users do not have to worry about the product catching fire or anything unwanted to happen with it as it happens to other products. This is one of the best-selling hoverboards in the market. Don’t believe me, check Amazon.com Swagtron T580 Hoverboard product page yourself.

Features and specifications

Before you decide to buy this amazing hoverboard from Swagtron, it will be better for you to know about its features. Knowing about its features will give you a better idea about the product. To help you out we have listed the features of the product below.


This particular model is loaded with all the right features that you would expect a good hoverboard to have. In fact, you can say that it has more features that you can expect. Well, this is what makes it worthy of your time and attention. The main features of the product include the following:

  1. The product is made ultra-modern for the users. It comes with Bluetooth speakers. This is a feature that you wouldn’t find in many of the hoverboards.
  2. The model is also equipped with dedicated android and ios applications for maintenance and navigation which makes it all the more convenient for you to use the product. The apps can also perform other tasks like playing music, monitor the battery life. You can also receive the latest information and updates with the help of the same. The main thing about these features is that it provides the rider with a modern and fun approach to riding.
  3. The model comes with a motor power of 150 watts. In fact, the model is equipped with dual motors.
  4. The net weight of the model is only 9 kgs which is just fine for a hoverboard with such amazing specifications.
  5. The product also comes with different modes that you can use. The different modes include standard mode, learning mode and an advanced mode which is mainly for expert riders.
  6. The maximum speed that is provided by the model is up to 7.5 miles per hour.
  7. The model is designed to incline up to 30 degrees.

Well, all these features come together in one single model and that is Swagtron T580. If this doesn’t excite you then nothing can!

Plus points:

Well, there are several plus points of the products as well. the main benefits of using this product may be summed up in the following points.

  1. The product is light in weight which makes it easier for you to use it.
  2. The model is also very much portable because of its lightweight.
  3. The model comes with a smart battery management and the advanced Sentry Shield technology which ensures the safety to use the product.
  4. This product is ideal for both adults and kids.
  5. You can control it using special app through smartphone.hoverboard
  6. It also has Bluetooth speakers.
  7. It comes with 2 hours of battery charge.
  8. The model has a very sleek and stylish design.
  9. The hoverboard is made up for very high-quality & durable material

To conclude, it can be said that if you have to go for a hoverboard then might as well you go for this one. This is one of the best models available out there which comes with just the right features that you need. Regular price of Swagtron T580 App-enabled Bluetooth Hoverboard is $199.00 but you can it even cheaper through Amazon.com Swagtron T580 Hoverboard product page for just $173.99. So, hurry up to steal the deal!

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