XVIApps – Free Web Apps to Convert Files Online

We often find ourselves looking for a genuine software or tool capable of converting different file formats into our desired versions. There are many such online converting and compressing tools out there, but each of them serve good against a definite file format. Even so, there always remains a risk of welcoming the hacker’s prying eye out there. The vulnerability of your network stops you from using such online tools. At the same time, we often have confidential files that need format compression and conversion and our confidence takes a setback when it comes to uploading them on to the open server.

To take care of all your worries, XVIApps is an assortment of 27 free web apps that do a bunch of file conversions, compression and other retrieving functions on images, videos and audio files, pdfs, etc. Any kind of file manipulation can be achieved from one of these 27 websites available in XVIApps.


How to access XVIApps?

To have the access of “XVIApps Free Web Apps”, visit www.xviapps.com

XVIApps is a network of 27 free web apps to convert videos, audio, files, pdf, images online from the browser web. Useful for startups, offices and businesses. Once you go to their official website, the connecting links of the 27 websites, each performing different file manipulation functions, will be visible on the homepage itself. Once you click on your desired link, you will be redirected to the respective website where you will be able to upload your file and then set the changes you want to bring about in the file.


Using XVIApps is as easy as it sounds, really. There is no registration or sign up procedure required for anyone using it.

Different types of file manipulation

  • One can compress image files including JPEG, JPG and PNG. Not only that, the image optimizer handles images taken in various devices differently. Image quality can be set and the tool allows onetime uploads up to 30MB.
  • In case of video files as well, all kinds of file formats from AVI to MKV and MP4 can be compressed.
  • A PDF to Image converter is available and vice versa.
  • MP3 and MP4 converting and compressing as well as PDF compressing is available among the 27 web apps.
  • Audio extraction, GIF compression, etc are some of the key features.
  • The most used among these is the MP3 compress tool.


Apart from the common file manipulations available online, XVIApps is ahead of its contemporaries as it also provides website links to PDF repairing, PDF unlocking, PDF rotation, PDF cropping and File Checksum tools.  The best part about XVIApps is that, with its complete collection of all kinds of file conversion web links, it can be adopted in official work and businesses.

Since, almost every kind of file is being handled in a completely safe and confidential group of networks, using it in office work as a potential file converter can be used securely. There are many image, audio and video converters available online, but this website provides almost all kinds of PDF-handling functions imaginable. Everything, just one click away!

The Stand-Out features of XVIApps

  • It is an assortment of a whopping 27 web apps all under one page. So, one does not need to do individual searches for different kinds of files.
  • The files you upload for conversion are all treated under an encrypted connection. There is no risk of cyber hack or file mis-management. Your work remains under a safe network.
  • The best part of XVIApps is that all the files that are uploaded onto the websites are automatically removed from the server after only a few hours irrespective of whether you delete your cookies or browser history.
  • All the 27 web apps are directly working from the web browser. Third party software or subsidiary meta-tools are not required to be installed.
  • No registration charges, no sign-up profiles. All the websites are completely free.
  • Interfaces are very user-friendly and easy to use. So, for someone who is not accustomed to using such websites, can very well follow and get their work done in a jiffy!
  • As far as confidentiality goes, there is no need to worry.
  • It is fast and allows large files to be uploaded.


Final Verdict:

All in all, with its amazing features and user-friendly GUI, XVIApps is probably the best in the market as of now. Its top-notch server encryption service and confidentiality assurance make it suitable for personal as well as office use. The versatility of the website lies in the fact that almost all kinds of file formats are taken care of within one portal. The idea is revolutionary making it a stand out product in the market. It is bliss to find all your needs addressed in one place. Moreover, it is completely free and a computer and an internet connection is all you need! With more and more rattling technological advances, work has become easy and the attainability of such features is just one click away!

After working 5 years as a Software Analyst in reputed MNC, Rebecca decided to settle down and work from home. Having an expertise in business & being a life motivator, she loves to share similar stuff on our website by the means of her articles.