Discover the Best Private Servers on a Special Ranking!

If you’re not a gamer, it might be difficult to understand how much a particular game might mean to someone. You don’t have to play actively to get it, although it can sometimes be so much fun one can only encourage others to try. While the gaming community doesn’t always have the best of reputations, one cannot deny what it can feel like to belong to certain groups.

In this community, this often translates as playing on a private server. While multiplayer games are quite entertaining due to the dynamics involved, it can be quite overwhelming especially when playing a very successful game. One of the best examples of this is World of Warcraft. This very successful game has been around for more than ten years and has a large number of public servers classified by different playing categories (player against player, role-playing…). It’s not always easy to figure out which server you are going to choose, especially since some of them are pretty popular and pretty full.

WOW Private Servers

Thankfully, the option of finding a WoW private server easily is now available through our website. The idea was to make sure that gamers would not have to look for people to play with for too long, and to make sure that creators can share their work and that all their effort wasn’t made in vain.

Here’s how it all works: you register your account on the website. You can either browse our private servers listings, or you can enter one in the system as a creator. Once you’re in, you can even rate and comment on the servers of your choice. This creates a ranking that helps people choose their future gaming home, but it’s reset every month to give all servers a fair chance to shine.

Now that registration has been mentioned, you might wonder about prices. Well, here’s the best part for you: the website is entirely free, and is supported by non-invasive ads.  This was the best compromise to choose to make sure all gamers would have access to this important resource. If you want to support the website, you can buy small advertising space for your own private servers: it will sit on top of the current ranking but the difference will be clear, and no this is not cheating, just helping the team.

We did mention World of Warcraft, but there are other games you might choose from if you want to switch things up, so you will never run out of options, as new servers are added regularly as well. And if your game isn’t on the list, just ask the team, they’ll create a new category for you.

This website saves you so much time and energy. Also, the comments on the rankings just let you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. That way, you can carefully choose which server will be tailored to your gaming habits.

When you think about it, private servers, in general, might be the best way to enjoy huge multiplayer games. In a tight-knit community, you can have more chances to shine, but also more peace of mind when it comes to certain quests or bosses.

Also, nothing says that you have to play all the time, or that you have to play on each server on our list: if the first one you choose fits you, then you might as well make the most out of your gaming time on that server and in that team. That’s the beauty of private servers: you are not lost in that sea of people, trying to find your way. Now you can rely on teammates to have a better and safer experience.

Obviously, playing multiplayer games on a private server will not solve all the problems of the gaming community. However, we hope that our ranking system helps out as many players as possible, as it is important that we all help improve one another. We have made our system as fair and transparent as possible, to make sure everyone has a voice and is not afraid to use it.

So before you condemn multiplayer games as a whole, how about trying to find a nice private server to play on thanks to our website? We can’t guarantee you’ll have instant skills, but at least you won’t be lost trying to improve them. So don’t hesitate to come over, choose a server, and make sure you rate it once you’ve played a bit. The more we share, the safer it all gets. And who knows, once you’ve spent some time on a private server, you might as well become able to go back to public servers and do good things for the community and spread as much positivity as possible. And maybe you can also mention us so more people can find players as you did!

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