How Bitcoins have Changed the Financial World

The most popular type of cryptocurrency that allows digital financial transactions between one person and another, without the need for any intermediate resource, is Bitcoin. Every transaction that occurs is recorded digitally, in the term of blocks, and when one block fills up, a new block is created. What connects all these blocks to one another is the presence of hashtags, and such a linear sequence created from multiple blocks leads on to create, what is called, a blockchain. Digitally recording all transactions ensures that your security is a concern that’s well taken care of. The blockchain is what helps keep bitcoin decentralized so that everyone has a ledger of the transaction they have made. This is how no third party interaction or intervention is not needed to process any digital financial transactions, which is a pretty revolutionary step for the financial world out there. 

Also, because it removes the need of third party intervention, by the virtue of its peer to peer network, thereby you’re relieved of unthinkably huge transaction fees. It has globally changed the financial world in an unprecedented revolutionary manner, in so far, that its decentralized direct networking devoid of any multiple-party aid or intervention, makes it a safer financial approach than even banks. If you’re wondering how this is even remotely possible, allow us to explain.

Governments are replaced, removed or become essentially totalitarian, as history has shown. Banks can have vested interest of their own or might fall victim to an attack, and thus can be utilized against you, or your interests. But, the block chain with its direct one to one networking, would never fall in any such trap and that’s what makes it the best financial option this century has ever seen. 

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But if you thought reducing hefty fees and to remove third party deception is all Bitcoin and blockchain had to offer, you’d be surprised to know there’s more! Bitmessage allows you to communicate with another user, and the messages like the blockchain network, are entirely encrypted and runs no risk of getting hacked. This is even better than email which has recently been privy to numerous spying or hacking efforts by the government or some institution with vested interests. 

You can also enjoy a blogging platform that not only allows you secure direct communication but also allows you to exist in a blogging world without any bit of censorship. One such blogging platform offered by Bitcoin and Blockchain is Twister. 

Do you know you can earn money by trading Bitcoins? Yes, you can. Although, this is a little bit complicated and you would need expert guidance or become an expert yourself by thorough research and testing. Fortunately, Bitcoin Billionaire has made it possible to get timely expert guidance and technology to help you make money with Bitcoins easily.

In a revolutionary future move, Blockchain suggests a whole new world for the world of property. It aims to bring in smart property, by introducing colored chain of bitcoin, that would enable you to know the actual proper owner, so that you can have direct transactions, without involving brokerage, which we all know, involves a lot of rigging, inconvenience and money. Skip a flawed inconvenient and monetarily expensive system with the world Bitcoin brings for you. This means making the market open to individuals and removes third-party intervention absolutely. 

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The success of block chain somewhere also means the beginning of the end of rigid financial institutions like banks, eventually but surely. This means block chain suggests a way to change the traditional way banks have been, or how conventionally finances has been used. Technology has changed people, and how they do basic jobs or run daily errands. From revolutionizing the way people shop, or how they listen to music, or how they watch movies and read books, technology has altered the way we live. Whether for better or worse, is another debate. But technology’s newest invention cryptocurrency that has seen revolutionary growth the last ten years is here to stay, and change a lot of things as it does. 

Bitcoin is actually staggering itself into a place where it can effect also end the control central banks exert on the economy or the power to issue money. Numerous banks have already sent out proposals to issue digital versions of their flat currency, as they are interested in exploring possibilities that ensue. Bitcoin is beginning to become a currency that is accepted not only in the digital world, but for real transactions in the real world now. Like, the car company Tesla accepts payments in bitcoin and this start for mass adoption of bitcoin as a payment option in the real world could alter things considerably. 

Governed solely by code, and no governments, bitcoins have the power to revolutionize political structures and the economy. No government can control them, and it is only for individuals to stock up and save money, and its mass adoption into mainstream payment method could bring us the future we’ve all been waiting for. It would not only end corruption, control and problematic politics but it would bring forth a world that’s more secure, transparent and convenient.