Six Things to Know About Verbal Reasoning Tests

Verbal reasoning tests can help employers recruit for areas as diverse as admin and management, as well as graduate and technical jobs. The tests are designed to interrogate your capacity to comprehend, analyse and translate information. But there’s a lot more to them than that…

  • They’ll put your reasoning and comprehension skills to the test

Verbal reasoning tests always incorporate comprehension and basic reasoning. Verbal comprehension measures your ability to understand passages of text and relay the information according to questions, while the reasoning you’re tested on is about analysing data and information in more complex ways.

  • The tests can vary quite significantly

The verbal reasoning tests often vary in length of content; anything from a few sentences to several paragraphs, to style of content; be it history, business or more conversational text. Even the type of questions you’re tested on may be different from test to test; you could be asked comprehension style questions, or more analytical reasoning about the purpose behind the question.

  • They’re not subjective

Unlike the subjective nature of interviews, verbal reasoning tests are considerably fairer on applicants as the tests measure everyone against the same set of criteria.

  • They test skills you might not even know you have

Verbal reasoning tests can gauge your powers of perception, reasoning and rationale. They’ll help show potential employers whether you’re the type of person who can make quick opinions and judgements, or if you’re more likely to take time to analyse and probe a statement.

  • Contrary to popular opinion, the tests aren’t about spelling

The tests are designed to showcase your reasoning capacity, not the extent of your vocabulary or your ability to spell. Verbal capacity is much more complex and nuanced, and gives a much bigger picture of a person than you get just by judging spelling and grammar.

  • Timing is everything

Just like almost every test you ever take, your verbal reasoning will be timed. So the more tests you take, the better your chance of success. Have a go by taking a FREE practice test with Practice Aptitude Tests today. It’s worth remembering that it might be hard to answer every single question as the time is limited, so try and find a balance of answering as many questions as possible, while taking time for accuracy.

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