Five Types Of Business Cards That Every Business Owner Should Be Aware Of 

There are a few types of business cards that you need to try when you want to share your business with others. Business cards are needed so that you can hand something to the people you meet, and you also need business cards that will look good on a fridge, in a wallet, or in the mail. There are five styles below that you need to try, and each of these cards could be a lot of fun to give to prospects or potential clients.

1. The Standard Matte Card

Business card printing is versatile because you can print any finish you want on your cards. The standard matte finish business card is one that allows you to offer a lot of color and style without giving people something that will transfer ink to their hands. Postcards and larger prints are often too full of color, and you can use the matte finish to ensure that the card is easy to handle.

2. The Glossy Finish Card

The glossy finish card that you give your customers often allows you to print images or artwork that you want to show off. You can use the glossy finish to protect the images on the card, and the glossy finish will reflect light to make it much more noticeable. This makes the card much easier to show off when you are setting it by the register, on your desk, or when it is sent in the mail. These cards catch the eye of the people who see them attached to a stack of files, and you could even leave these cards on a dining table because you want someone to see them when they are coming by.

Business Cards

3. The Postcard Style

The postcard style business card allows you to offer something that feels like an advertisement that comes in the mail. This is a very powerful thing because it is a bit like telling someone everything they need to know about your business in one card. You may not be able to carry these cards in your pocket or wallet, but they are very useful if you are trying to tell someone a lot of information in a small space.

The postcard style does not need to be very large. You can get the smaller postcard style that is not too large to carry. Online sites such as MyCreativeShop provide custom postcard templates that can easily be modified and adapted to your business’s brand needs. When you give these cards to people, they can easily file them away in their bag. Plus, you can send these postcards in the mail to your prospects or clients. The postcard style allows you to show off your artwork or graphics, and you could even put an information request form on the card that people can send back to you.

4. The Information Card

You can get a small business card that has lines on the back for information. These business cards are wonderful because you can take notes, write a personal phone number, or put an appointment on the back. You can use the information card to ensure that your clients can reach you, and you could even leave the cards at the front desk so that people can write comments on the back. This makes it easy for you to offer a number of options to your clients. Plus, you can write special notes to your clients on these cards because the lines make it easier for you to write.

5. The Folding Business Card

The folding business card is very nice because it is like a surprise that your customers can open to get more information about your company. These cards look like place cards you would use at a nice dinner, and they provide you with options that will make it easier for you to add more art or information about your company. The cards are still the size of a regular business card, and they can fit in someone’s wallet once you hand them over.

The folding business card is also easy for you to set down in locations where you want them to be found. If you have a table at an expo, you can put these cards on the table because they stand up on their own. You can put these cards at the front desk, or you can put them by the register.


There are a number of people who are shopping for business cards because they want to give these cards to prospects and customers. You can choose a large or small card depending on what you like most, and you can choose a card that has just text, art, or both. You can even get a nice card that will fold open so that you can set it down in any place where it will be easily noticed. Business cards are essential for making connections and spreading the word about your business.