Here is why you should Buy Smartphones in Bulk for your Business

Smartphones are more or less, extensions of our lives. In this digital age, it is almost impossible to live without a smartphone. In addition to communications, these devices give us access to information, keeps us up-to-date with the latest development, allows us to see how other people are faring on and most importantly, buy/sell solutions without having to leave our comforts. All these are critical for our day-to-day lives.

In a job setting, smartphones can be used for communication, monitoring, social networking, customer support on the go, and even mobile website and app access. There is also an entire world beyond the confines of the corporate walls where mobile device use is changing the way that people – investors, partners, clients – interact with the business. So, this is to say that smartphones play a critical role in business, and are no longer an option, but a necessity. As a business owner, providing your team with company-owned smartphones isn’t just an enticing perk; it’s an effective way to enhance customer service, streamline internal communication, and boost productivity.

But getting a dozen or more phones that match your budgetary needs can be a daunting task – you don’t want to end up with a portion of your team using iOS, while the rest are on Android. It is more beneficial to buy in bulk once and for all as you’ll realize below.

Save on cash

Internet-powered phones are notoriously expensive. A 64 GB iPhone 8, for instance, goes for $599, and that’s on the lower side. Some models, like the iPhone XS Max, costs up to $1,449. If these costs are anything to go by, it would be impossible to get a phone for every employee, especially if you are running on a shoestring budget. But, you can get a better deal if you go for a wholesale iPhone sale and negotiate for a discount. Besides, you’ll save a lot more having company phones than reimbursing the team for using their personal phones because you get a significantly lower rate for each phone by creating a business account with one provider.

Enhance compatibility

The phone market has no shortage of smartphone brands – a quick internet search will prove this to be true. However, these devices are not created equal – they vary in terms of hardware, operating systems, and carriers. And as you may know, some apps are meant specifically for a particular type of phone and won’t be compatible with others. For instance, some applications only work for Android phones and not in iOS ones – this can affect your business in significant ways. Incompatibility of mobile devices can give rise to issues when sharing data and partnering on critical projects. By buying these phones in bulk, you ensure that all your team members have a similar phone brand with the same features and software that allows them to communicate, share, and collaborate effectively.

Access to customized services and full time IT support

Technology is synonymous with system glitches. Irrespective of how smooth things tend to run, there is still a chance that a hitch will occur along the way. You may also find it hard to implement new technology in your company. The good thing about purchasing your mobile devices in bulk is that you will have access to a dedicated IT customer support that can help configure your systems or address any problem that you could be facing. The experts will help secure your business data, install any software, and address your concerns. This will make your work a whole lot easier than it would be if you had different phone brands for your employees.

As you may realize, buying your business phones in bulk comes with incredible benefits, not just for your business, but also your peace of mind. However, it is essential to do your homework first before setting out to buy any phone. Experts recommend taking time to find out the kind of OS that matches your business’ needs. On top of that, you should also be aware of the features that will best fit the daily tasks of your team as well as the carrier that offers the best value. Last but not least, you should purchase from a reputable seller to ensure you are getting a legitimate deal and value for your money.

Richard Brock is an experienced writer who has contributed to many mainstream websites with his quality articles in consumer technology. Though he is new here, his articles are already helping tons of our daily readers to live their life better.