How to Keep Track of the Time Spent on Social Media Apps

It’s no longer a new discovery or a secret that a type of Social Media addiction exists and is affecting more and more people around the globe. We can’t possibly imagine going to bet without scrolling Facebook first and the first thing we reached out for when we wake up in the morning is the phone. Of course, some of you may say reaching out for your phone in the morning is just part of the ritual since you need to stop the alarm. However, how many stop the alarm and put the phone down afterwards? Just like Criss Jami  said, “ An over-indulgence of anything, even something as pure as water, can intoxicate”. So, if too much water can eventually do you harm, why isn’t Social Media getting the same treatment?

If you’re determined to gain control of your Social Media exposure and limit the time you spend on these platforms, we prepared some tips and tricks. Ironically, the solution comes from other apps and a skeptical person can say it’s replacing one wrong with a less one. However, the apps we’re going to recommend have no interest in keeping us connected longer or distract us. They’re really there to help.

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Social Fever

An incredibly well-designed Android app for all users that want to keep a close track on the time spent using social media platforms. Even though the term “addiction” may sound a bit too harsh at first, it’s not an exaggeration at all. So, to fight something that powerful, you need an equally-awesome app that allows you to keep a balance between the real and digital world. With its user-friendly interface, Social fever allows you to limit any app usage through timers. Not just that, but it also generates reports for your smartphone usage so you can draw a line and see if you’re using it wisely.


Another very potent app that was designed to help you limit the time spent on social media comes from Space. It already enjoys over 1 million users and it offers a simple and elegant interface that allows you to track time spent on each social media platform and even set limits so that you don’t overdo it. While this app doesn’t offer you any options to block the access after a certain interval, it is still very good in reminding you how much time you ‘wasted’ just scrolling on social media instead of enjoying the real world.


We’ve all heard about all types of detox diets that are supposed to make our bodies healthier and cleanse them from all the bad stuff accumulating over time due to an improper diet or a series of other reasons. Well, take that concept and apply it in the digital world. More specifically, with social media platforms. This app gives you full control over how much time you spend on social media apps and it is almost impossible to cheat because it you are setting a secondary account that isn’t controlled by you. It works great as a parental control app as well and you can block certain apps for good if that’s what suits you best.

Other Ways to Fight Social Media Addiction

We’ve presented three of the best apps to help you limit the time spent on social media. However, that still means you are using your smartphone excessively and that’s only a short fix. Besides installing any of these apps on your phone, there are some other complementary ways to get rid of using your phone too much altogether.

Get a New Hobby

The main reason we’re constantly checking our phones and surf on social media platforms is not having an engaging activity to begin with. And while we can’t really help it if we’re at work and it’s just one of those slow days, you can be in full control over your spare time. Getting a new hobby is one quick way to make your activities more interesting so that you won’t reach out for your time next time you get slightly bored. And while you’re at it, you can find a hobby that also brings you some extra cash, like enjoying some slots. You can do so at 24pokies, best online casino in Australia.

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