Buzzoid Reviews | My secret weapon revealed!

Social media isn’t always the easiest thing to understand, especially if you’re dealing with marketing. Our team was looking for new marketing opportunities and, as we started with Instagram, we found out about Buzzoid. We’ve been using it awhile now, and we have a lot to say.


So, as the head of a team that uses a lot of social media for marketing and outreach, I figured it would be a good idea to get a Buzzoid review out there so that people can sort out whether or not it could be a good way for them to get a handle on their social media as well.

What is Buzzoid, anyway?

Buzzoid is a service that helps individuals, businesses, and other entities on Instagram to get a boost for their followers and likes. It’s pretty simple – you buy Buzzoid likes and/or followers, you get them within an hour or so (sometimes quicker), and you start to see more engagement on your Instagram page. Most Buzzoid Instagram followers have legitimate profiles and they have accounts that are pretty active.

Why does that matter?

Interactions on your Instagram account are at the center of what it is that you’re doing on Instagram. It’s what allows people to see your content and it gets your page to the top of search results. The more people that find your page in searches, the more likely that you are to get in contact with the people that are most interested in what you have to offer. And that is what is going to get you the clicks!

By buying Buzzoid Instagram likes, you’re making the interactions happen faster; what takes some pages a couple of years to accomplish, you’re able to do within a couple of weeks. A quicker return on your investment means that you’re going to start to see your brand grow and grow, and you just had to put a little bit of money and effort into it to get started. How cool is that?

How much does it cost?

The costs for Buzzoid are pretty reasonable, in my opinion. It starts with just under $3 for 100 followers – that’s a steal, because a lot of other sites charge at least $5 or more for those first 100 people. Then, the deals just get better, and it’s just under $70 for you to get 10,000 followers.

Honestly, not many people need 10,000 followers, so you’re likely fine with one of their middle plans. We usually go with the 2500 followers for $30, which gives us a boost when we’re starting a new Instagram page, but it doesn’t seem strange from the point of view of Instagram or people that may be keeping an eye out for unusual movement in numbers.

Is it worth the cost?

Buying Followers

Like many of the other Buzzoid reviews you’ve probably read, we agree that it really is worth the money that we pay for it. We’ve seen results every single time that we’ve bought Buzzoid likes or followers to get an Instagram page started, and it’s really easy to get started.

There are a lot of things that we absolutely love when it comes to Buzzoid and what it has to offer. Here are just a few of the standouts.

  • Over-delivery

This is something we never saw from any other website that provided this sort of service, and it was one of the things that brought us back to Buzzoid. In short, they always give you more than what you pay for.

We’ve gotten between 13% and 18% extra when we’ve bought from them. I asked why, and they explained that it’s because they know that technology doesn’t always work the way it should, so in order to guarantee that customers get what they pay for, they over-deliver. Pretty nice.

  • Affordability

As mentioned earlier, this is a really affordable way to ensure that we’re getting that boost to our Instagram accounts shortly after we launch them – and that makes it totally worth the effort and the money that we put into them.

  • Real results!

This sort of service helps you to skip ahead to the point where your site is starting to get a lot of traction and attention. In many instances, people have to wait to get these types of results, but that fast-forward button is well worth the little bit of cash that it costs to make it happen.

  • Instant turnaround

Buzzoid has faster and more consistent turnaround times than anyone else in this industry. You start getting your followers just a few minutes after you sign up and pay for the service and then, over a couple of hours, you gradually get the followers that you pay for (and then some). That instant turnaround done in a natural fashion is excellent!

Are there any concerns to consider?

When it comes to concerns, we only had a couple to deal with. One was the fact that we couldn’t get in touch with them via a live chat feature or phone number. The only way that you can ask questions is through email and, on busy days, it takes a little time for them to get back to you. I hope that, in the future, they decide to add some more “instant” options for getting in touch.

My only other concern is engagement. While some of the followers that you get will definitely engage with your posts, not all of them will. That’s why we usually get both likes and follows when we make a purchase. That way, we aren’t just getting an influx of followers, but we’re getting both and seeing that necessary engagement.

We’ve been using Buzzoid for a while and there really is a lot that can be done with it. As we’ve added more brands under our umbrella, I’ve found that it does give those Instagram pages the “shot in the arm” that they need in order to get off the ground effectively. So, yes – this is another Buzzoid review that highly recommends buying Buzzoid Instagram followers and likes.

Lana Martinez is a freelance technical writer living in the Santa Clara. She's a gadget and tech geek who loves to write how-to articles about a wide range of topics. When she's not writing about technology, Lana loves watching and reading mysteries, cross stitching, and attending musical theatre. She's also an avid Doctor Who fan.