Can Bitcoins Be Stolen? How To Protect It?

Over the past few years, the Cryptocurrency industry has become advanced and got so popular among the people. It has caught people’s attention, and people have started investing in that. Bitcoin is one of the main cryptocurrencies in which you can invest, but it has also been seen that a large quantity of digital currency also goes missing, and that is because they are getting stolen.

Hackers nowadays are getting more advanced and disappearing on the unknown internet. They take the money and all the digital assets with them and are never to be seen or heard. Many investors are still unsure about investing in crypto because of the security issue. All they want to know is whether Bitcoins can be Stolen? How can you protect them?

It is the main question that most people have in their mind, and they should have it because it is their lifetime investment. They use trusted platforms like Dogecoin Millionaire for trading and to grow their money so it is important to protect that wealth.

Bitcoin was launched in 2009, and from that time only, there has been an issue with its security. Bitcoin is quite difficult to hack because of its blockchain technology but also, on the other hand, just because it is hard to hack does not mean it is safe. There are several security risks which are involved in trading. But you can keep it safe. The key is being attentive.

Bitcoins Be Stolen

How to keep Bitcoin Safe?

Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies globally because of its high price, digitized nature, and decentralized functioning. However, because of its popularity only, there have been several cyber attacks and online thieves who attempt to steal the coins, and that is why if a person is buying the Bitcoin, they need to keep it safe and secure.

Here are some ways to keep Bitcoins safe and secure from the online theft that can happen.

Always use a strong password.

One of the main and most important things is your password to use if you have Bitcoins. You need to keep them safe from inappropriate access from any other person. That is why you should always keep it password protected. But a person cannot just choose any password they want; it is not any password; if someone gets to know about your password, that might become dangerous for you.

Some people use the same password for their social media and other passwords, which is completely wrong. That is the main thing hackers look for, which becomes an easy target for them. These are the virtual currency, and a strong password is the only thing that can protect them. While creating the password, you should use some complex character or symbol so that it will become hard for the hackers to guess. It is better to keep changing the password after a certain time to ensure its security.

Look for a secure wallet

You can use the strong password only when you have the right wallet. You must have a wallet because you can store Bitcoins inside it. There are different types of wallets which are- software and hardware. The person can choose the wallet according to their requirement. These wallets are so easy to handle, as these are the cloud wallets that can easily get access through your bank account.

These are important if you want to keep your cryptocurrency safe from hackers. You can choose the hardware wallet if you need added security, and it will also have the backup key in different places. If you choose the software wallet, you need to remove and destroy the Bitcoin footprints from the computer to ensure your information is safe.

Never access your wallet from any public network.

No matter how important it is, a person should never access their wallet from any public network or computer. It is the worst thing that they do because people can get access to your information regarding Bitcoin from a public network.

Even if you want to check the balance or something, you should always use your laptop and your internet. In this way, only you can keep it safe and secure. Through this, you can protect your system from malware protection.

Use multi-signature

In the wallet you have, you can enable the multi-signature, which will help access two or more users to process any transaction. It will also have the private key that you will need to execute the transaction.

It is the best security system that is quite effective. But you should choose another person you trust the most and only consider this method


If you think that buying Bitcoin is not safe, you may be right, but you can protect your Bitcoin if you take proper measures. It will minimize the risk of theft and will keep it safe!