Can Marketing Become Any More Digital? Get All Your Answers at Restart 2021!

For most of our lives, we’ve been busy looking for answers to get our voices heard. The freely available devices that have struck us with their presence are one such example. Whether a fresher or an expert, digital marketing has been the way to move ahead and have your presence known. An online presence is a must these days as the digital medium has soared our businesses in so many ways that the digital marketing path has amplified the need for marketing to grow even further.

Why Digital?

Digital marketers are more sought after today than they were five years ago. The pandemic gave it a stronger foothold, and for a good reason.

While marketing products and services digitally is pretty much the same as traditional marketing would be, digital marketing offers various ways to market your brand. Through its various channels, digital mediums help in speed up the competition with offers and advantages to its advertisers. It has made the process of getting higher ROI much faster. With structured plans and organized metrics, clicks and bounces have finally got the advertising companies to have a field day.

What’s at Stake?

Entrepreneurs have begun to make a beeline at hiring digital marketers, social media creative heads, and people who can ably handle email marketing and pay-per-click analysts. It becomes easier for companies to gauge their profits while marketing, choosing the right content strategy, and pay attention to the erstwhile content and email marketing strategies.

With plenty at stake along with umpteen opportunities, companies have finally found ways to get closer to their audiences as against the hit or miss advertising campaigns.

Here are a couple of the more prominent reasons in this light:

Faster Communication:

Faster interactions help in moving the company’s messages to a larger audience much faster. With social media, doing so is no longer difficult. Besides, channels, product pages, and Instagram are all paths that aid in super fast communication.

Content Galore:

There’s always an overdose of content with social media. WhatsApp, other social media apps are testimony to this. As per the latest reports, practically every minute, there are close to 3.3 million people that create a post on social media, specifically Facebook posts, and there are roughly 29 million messages rippled across forums via Whatsapp. With a deluge of content, it makes the job of a marketer easier.

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Today’s digital world has customers who are bright and want to know about everything the company has to offer. For brands to build their share of loyalty, digital marketing offers transparency and a platform to present their company’s ethos online.

Digital marketing has become more like a theatrical play attuned to get both reactions – good or bad with the click of a button. Perhaps one can gauge that digital marketing will increase career paths in the next five years or so. From blogging, online mystery shopping, handling content on social media posts to even brand building, online visibility has become the mantra for organizations and professionals alike.

Working in digital marketing means moving fast, a speed that aces new markets and surfaces new horizons. What began as a simple SEO search has video marketing, stories on Instagram and LinkedIn; a place that allows you to get the message across through photos or text and sometimes with a video. Artificial Intelligence has already added the much-needed flavor. Chatbots are the new normal on progressive websites, and because they are available 24/7, they seem to have outsmarted humans.

In Conclusion

While many businesses decided to shut their operations and others scaled them down, some progressive minds have looked for newer opportunities. A platform for organizing and conductive virtual events, Hubilo has managed to keep ahead of the times. Their latest event called Restart 2021 brings together 4000+ marketing professionals, 400+ events industry professionals, and 40+ VPs to shed light on the future of their respective industries. If you’re a stakeholder in the future of marketing and events, this two-day event on 23 and 24 March is a must-attend. Registrations are open!

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