How Google Partners Can Boost your Online Presence

Every business in the town is online and the competition to get attention of the customers is at its peak. To stand out of the crowd you may have started investing in online advertisements but how can you be sure that you are getting the real value of your money?

Are you sure your ads are targetting the right customer base? Are they bringing significant conversions? How do you know you are not wasting your advertising budget on the wrong audience? How can you boost conversions with the same budget?

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The only answer to all these questions is working with a certified Google partner. A Google Ad partner will help you create, manage and optimize your online advertisements. With the same advertising budget you would be able to bring in more conversions and grow your business. If you look for trusted Google partner online then you will keep going through a very common name – Clever Ads.

What is Clever Ads? 

Clever Ads is a website which boasts of the status of being a Premier Partner of Google. Its primary work is to provide Adwords and free advertising tools when searched for on Google. If someone searches for Google ad solutions or chooses to perform a Google Ads audit, Clever Ads is invariably going to be involved in the process by virtue of being the Premier partner of Google in this regard. 

Clever Ads has a specific software which is essentially designed to allow one to create, search and display specific campaigns in Adwords automatically. And all that is required of the used is to scribe any page or landing page on a particular website. 

Primary tools proposed for implementation by Clever Ads

Clever Ads has a number of specific tools which have been designed while keeping in minds various particulars needs of users across the world. The target has been to have the proper tools in its arsenal to help carry out any and every action regarding advertisement campaigns. 

  1. Keyword planner: Finding and using the proper keywords is a very important aspect of any good and reputable advertising campaign. Finding keywords is a Herculean task for anybody. This is why this tool by Clever Ads has been designed specifically to alleviate that need. The Keyword planner by Clever Ads searches for and makes a lost for the most converted keywords. Moreover it also extracts a significant amount of keywords from the pages that the user visits which makes it one of the foremost keyword generators in the business. 
  2. Banner maker: Anyone worth their salt who has run an advertisement campaign on their own or with a designated team knows the hassles of generating banner ads for the campaign. This particular tool by Clever Ads completely solves this specific problem by automatically generating one’s banner ads as per their need. 
  3. Google Ads audit: Advertising campaigns are almost never an instant success. They have to tailored and curtailed specifically by devoting a significant amount of time in the process. But performing a Google Ads audit is an easy way out of this particular predicament. Google Ads audit carries out a thorough analysis of all the advertisement campaigns run by one and then provides detailed information based on recommendations by none other than Google itself on effective ways to optimize the said campaigns by helping reduce the investment budget and at the same time prescribe solutions to increase the visibility of the particular ad campaigns with various out of the box solutions.
  4. App version: Having to open Google every time one requires some info pertaining to the campaign is another hassle in itself. To remedy this, Clever Ads has an app designed specifically for this purpose. The app would allow one to receive reports on the various ads being run. Moreover the performance of specific campaigns across platforms like Google, Facebook and Bing can also be viewed on the app with detailed reports and analysis. 
  5. Integration in Slack and MS Teams: Clever Ads does not limit itself to just increasing the effectiveness of ad campaigns. Instead it has integrated itself with platforms like Slack and MS Teams so that all the analysis and reports pertaining the particular ad campaigns can be shared easily with your team on the communication platform being used by them to communicate. 
  6. Google Ads Translator: One of the most important barriers that advertising campaigns have to tackle on a regular basis is the barrier of language. But the integration of Clever Ads with Google Ads Translator means that language ceases to be a problem altogether. This specific tool solves this problem effectively by translating entire ad campaigns into the language of one’s choice so that the interativity of the campaigns increase manifold. 
  7. Clever Ads promo code: As if all these tools and ease of access wasn’t enough, Clever Ads has a policy of offering a specific promo code which can be obtained by the simple process of logging into one’s Google Ads account from the Clever Ads website. This promo code is user specific and enable the user to put it in Google Ads and use it to start advertising one’s products instantly for free. 

Advertising metrics focused on predominantly

There are a number of metrics which are focused on by Clever Ads to increase consumer satisfaction. These metrics are essentially related to the location of the ad, tweaking of which increase the visibility and click-through rate (CTR) drastically. 


Metrics related to the location of the ads of campaigns

  • Search top impression rate: The percentage of shown ad related impressions on any page or website above the organic search results for that particular page is known as the Search top impression rate or “Impr. (Top)%” The formula is simple – Search top impression rate = Impressions of top/ Impressions
  • Search absolute top impression rate: This is a bit more specific metric. This specific terms denotes the percentage of the ad campaign that is shown as the very first ad that appears over the organic search results. Search absolute top impression rate/ “Impr. (Abs. Top)%” must be equal to absolute top Impressions. 

Metrics about improvement of the location of the ads

  • Search absolute top impression share: This is the result of dividing the number of impressions received in the absolute top location by the estimated number of impressions an ad was eligible to receive in the top location.
  • Search top impression share: This is the impressions an ad has received in the top location while in comparison to the expected number of impression to determine if it was eligible to in the absolute top location. 
  • Search absolute top impression share (budget): This shows the number of times one’s ad didn’t show up anywhere as the first ad above the organic search results due to budget constraints. 
  • Search lost top impression share (budget): This shows the number of times the ad didn’t shows anywhere that is above the organic search results due to budget constraints.
  • Search lost absolute top impression share (rank): This reveals the metric whether an ad was not the first ad above the organic search results because of poor Ad Rank and how often. 
  • Search lost top impression share (rank): This shows an estimate of the number times an ad didn’t show up above the estimated organic search results because of poor Ad Rank. 
Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM &, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.