Data Management and Storage of the Future

With the data storage software industry growing to 23.33 billion by 2019, storage solutions have played a significant role in the spike of economic output. Though traditional methods have proven to offer quality storage results, new innovations have been created to help optimize the next wave of data management software.

With a look back at traditional storage systems, the merging of object and file storing worlds, and an impact on human life, we can get a peek at the future of data management.

The Floppy Disk Advancement

Floppy disks became one of the most influential computer products in the history of the computer industry. They revolutionized personal device data storage management and set the precedent for the data storage industry while helping create the basis for almost 10,000 data storage management companies. With floppy disks, companies could write programs as opposed to just personal computers. This set the stage for the data storage industry. Disks evolved to USB storage devices and memory cards that allow for even further personalization of data management techniques.

Merging of Object and File Storing

Network attached storage systems (NAS) were among the first pioneers of data storage management. Because of their finite room and management challenges, these file storing techniques were supplanted by object storage. This type of storage grows to fit as much information as needed and allow for simpler recovery processes than NAS systems. The only issue with these systems are their relative youth, with older standards still being common throughout companies. The future of data storage occurs with the merging of these storage worlds.

The Human Effect

DNA holds the details of living beings and collecting data from it can unlock some of the bodies biggest mysteries. RAM or random access memory techniques are being used to store DNA data with millions of digital images, videos, and documents all on one speck of data. All this information is retrievable and most importantly can help give scientists further insight on how to help human illness and growth.

Future of Data Storage Management

Data storage has come a long way from its inception in the 70s. From floppy disks to memory cards and USB sticks, the traditional forms of information storage and management have set the stage for the future of the industry. By merging object and file storage and understanding the human effect information management can have, we can begin to step into the tomorrow of data management and storage.

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