8 Tips to Encourage Social Sharing of your Blog Posts

Blogging is all about people – about making them feel engaged, about speaking their own language and sharing their feelings and interests. It’s a process of giving and receiving, which involves social sharing as the main core. From Instagram followers to people who share every post on your blog, you need people’s support in order for your thoughts and ideas to reach the large audience.

If you want to encourage social sharing of your blog posts, you came to the right place.


Check out our tips that can make your blog famous:


  • Be a Reliable Source


The first step is to make people trust you. The credibility you gain in time will ensure you the success you desire. Offering reliable information and sharing useful tips and experiences will make your followers want to spread the news. This way, sharing will come naturally.


  • Find the Right Posting Times


Depending on your target audience, the best posting time may vary. Your articles may be extraordinary, but not many people will have the chance to check them out if you post them in the middle of the night. There are many tools that help you see at which times your posts were most successful and this gives you the chance to schedule your posts accordingly.


  • Share Content


After you’ve uploaded a new article, do not hesitate to share it multiple times – just to make sure everyone will have the chance to see it.


  • Engage the Others and Make Them Curious


Interesting and mysterious titles, as well as engaging contests will make your audience eager to check your blog out. Consequently, they will share your posts to have the same impact on their friends: making them curious and engaging them in nice opportunities such as quizzes and contests.


  • Maximize the Chances of Being Found Online


You might have a target audience, but maybe more people want to get in touch with you. One of the best Instagram tools for that is the hashtag, but with blogs in general, keywords and useful themes will make people search for your posts and give the others the chance to see them as well.


  • Guest Post on Relevant Blogs


Even if it’s difficult to gather an audience and it requires patience and investment, you can take advantage of other opportunities that you are being given: for example, you can write on other blogs. Guest posts are useful to make people find about you and your ideas. And the rest will follow naturally.


  • Optimize for Mobile


In order for your posts to go viral and allow people the chance to read and share them on their way to work, during lunch breaks or while waiting in a line, you should optimize your blog for mobile. This way, your posts will be followed regardless of the place your readers are. It’s easy, practical and it’s for sure convenient for everyone.


  • Promote Content via E-mail and Notifications


Even if spamming your audience with lots and lots of notifications is not the right way to go, sending them e-mails from time to time will make them curious to check your blog out. If they find something interesting that they want to share with the world, then it’s even better!

With these few steps taken, your blog will go places. Do not forget to care about the quality of your posts and to give your audience more possibilities to find out about what you’re writing. It’s like growing a small business – invest, trust people’s feedback and make them trust you back.

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM & Sguru.org, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.