What to Look for When Developing a Sports Betting Software

Online sports betting has increased in popularity in recent years. One can quickly start a digital sports staking business where you earn by inviting users to stake in various sports. However, for this to happen, you must have a reliable and secure site.

All sports betting applications have the same basic features; the only distinction is the user experience it provides. This article will cover sports betting software development that provides the best user experience.


Basic Features to Look for In Sports Betting Software Development

The software can be good or bad. Bad software isn’t just inconvenient and low quality; it’s also unable to meet user needs as it doesn’t have the required functions.

When considering sports staking application development, you must ensure it has the functionality you and your users require.

Here are some of the mandatory user elements you must consider:

  • A considerable number of sports leagues and rates
  • Ability to bet during, before, and after matches
  • Simple payment methods
  • Support multiple languages
  • Guarantees anonymity and support
  • Offers 24/7 customer service

As an owner, you also require an app that will satisfy your needs. Since it’s a business, you must consider the risk and the appropriate management tools.

Some of the features it should have include:

  • Various fund withdrawal and deposit options
  • An administrative panel with several opportunities
  • A panel for controlling marketing tools
  • Detailed accounting on all staking activity
  • Ability to manage stake limits

Things to Consider When Developing Sport Staking Software

1. Developer Reputation

Sports betting individuals are sensitive to the reliability and safety of a bookmaker; thus, when selecting a software vendor, ensure company registration. This will ascertain the vendor’s credibility.

Avoid vendors that are always on the news due to issues with their products. Go through reviews and recommendations from leading brands that track their reputation.

2. Sport Varieties

You have to consider what Indians mostly bet on. The first thing Individuals look at when they are at a sports staking platform is the variety of sports and leagues. For instance, when you click on Football on Parimatch live football, you’ll see hundreds of national leagues and many international tournaments. Parimatch offers over 22 popular sports, ensuring the platform will attract the widest audience.

3. Scalability

As a sports staking platform owner, you must select a solution whose performance will increase as the platform grows in popularity. The solution shouldn’t be a paid feature but something inherent in the default software. Every bookmaker knows there’s nothing worse than a software crash when popular sports are live. This is a massive reputational and monetary loss.

4. Ease of use

It’s tough to be conversant with the spreads, rates, games, and other minute details about other staking platforms. Nevertheless, it’s essential for any bookmaker since, without universal control, you can lose competitive advantage or go bankrupt having missed an important trend.

5. Privacy And Security

This is a huge factor when developing a secure site like Parimatch. Your platform will deal with vast amounts of private user data and money; therefore, the software should have various levels of protection against data theft and unauthorized access.

This concerns not only the security of data stored on the servers but also the security of traffic between the site and users. Parimatch uses 128-bit SSL encryption technology to safeguard user data. You can also use blockchain or cryptography with public and private keys.

6. Multiplatform

The software should be compatible with all devices and platforms. Achieving this is easy as you must build a web page whose user interface adapts to any user screen size. Such an adaptation must be pre-configured in a particular way so that the screen can always display the essential interface features.

7.  Customer Support

The most frequently asked questions on Parimatch are about debugging and troubleshooting. Customer support should be able to help users with these and other challenges they may encounter when using the application.

Additionally, you should have video guides to help users get acquainted with the platform and its configuration, as well as text descriptions of common troubleshooting problems.

Sports Betting Software Development Costs

Three factors determine the cost of developing sports staking software; the country the development team comes from, the number of platforms the website requires, and the complexity of the application.

Developers from different countries have different rates. For instance:

  • United States software developers charge between 4000 INR to 20000 INR per hour
  • Eastern Europe-based developers charge between 2300 INR to 11800 INR per hour
  • India-based developers charge between 800 INR to 6300 INR per hour

The following is an estimate for developing sports betting software in India with the mandatory features and android coding:

  • Technical documentation- 40 hours (79300 INR to 158,500 INR)
  • Ux/Ui design- 60 hours (118,900 INR to 237,800 INR)
  • Back-end and front-end development- 400 hours (2,378,130 INR to 3,170,000 INR)
  • MVP testing- 80 hours (158,500 INR to 317,000 INR)
  • Bug fishing and polishing- 40 hours (79300 INR to 158,500 INR)

The cost of developing sports staking software like Parimatch can be around 3,170,000 INR to 3,900,000INR. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a more sophisticated mobile application, it costs around 5,500,000INR. The more money you spend on software development, the higher the chances that the application will be a hit.

Bottom Line

Sports betting software is an excellent way to monetize people’s love for games. It’s essential that when you decide to venture into this industry, you develop an innovative application that will attract a wide audience. A Reliable and secure platform is the top consideration for stakers; that’s why many people flock to bet on Parimatch.

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