How Good are Oppo Mobile Phones And are They Worth the Cost?

When it comes to smartphones, gone are the days when we can truly point to one brand or device, and use them as the benchmark. While Apple continues to produce the best-in-class smartphones with its iPhone series, Samsung isn’t lagging behind and offers its premium Samsung Galaxy S-series smartphones. Asus also offers the best gaming phone, with the Asus ROG Phone models, while other OEMs like Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, and Oppo also offer some of the best, feature-rich devices in their respective prices segments.

However, there is a reason why Apple settles for a minuscule market share, as compared to the likes of Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo. While Apple only targets the premium segment, the other brands are embroiled in intense competition for market share, especially in the Indian smartphone market. Among them, Oppo is known for offering the best camera phones in the budget, mid-range, and mid-premium segments, while Vivo isn’t far behind.

But how good are Oppo mobile phones? And are they worth the cost? Let us take a peek behind the curtains, and see what makes Oppo phones some of the best smartphone models on offer.

Excellent camera phones

Oppo smartphones are known for their excellent cameras, as the brand takes great pride in catering to young adults with best-in-class cameras. Oppo also offers some of the best smartphones under 30,000 INR, such as the Oppo Reno5 4G and Oppo Reno2. These models come with stunning selfie cameras while packing excellent rear cameras.

Oppo cameras also boast multiple shooting modes and filters, while the brand optimizes the hardware and the software so that the cameras work perfectly. Given how Oppo markets itself as the ‘Selfie expert’, it isn’t a surprise that Oppo cameras are truly remarkable.

Oppo Mobile Phones

Stylish designs

Oppo smartphones also flaunt stylish designs and elegant finishes, which, once again, isn’t surprising, given how Oppo has become the go-to brand for youngsters and wants to maintain its grip on that particular age group and demographic. When it comes to color vibrancy, ergonomics, finishes, and display, Oppo smartphones can give even premium devices a run for their money.

With Oppo Mobiles, you get what you pay for, and then some more. For instance, many compare Oppo Reno3 and Reno3 Pro models with Vivo V19, and if you look closer at the specifications of both smartphones, it can be difficult to choose one particular model. However, Oppo phones are exquisitely designed, which gives Oppo smartphones the edge during such comparisons.

Feature-rich and worth the price

Oppo offers feature-rich smartphones at pocket-friendly prices. These smartphones come with faster processors, high RAM size, large storage capacities, and top-of-the-line cameras. When it comes to phones giving you the best value for your money, Oppo smartphones rank at the very top.

Oppo Reno 5 PRO

Oppo smartphones are also worth the cost. Oppo and Xiaomi are two brands that are known for offering budget-friendly devices. These brands spend less on marketing and offline campaigns and focus more on giving consumers the best bang for their buck. This has made Oppo the go-to brand for students and working professionals alike, who want exceptional phones at a cheaper cost.

Best-in-class phones

Oppo takes great pride in offering the best-in-class smartphones. As previously discussed, these smartphone models are feature-rich and pack everything one would need from their mobile device.

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