EaseUS RecExperts – The Complete Screen Recording Solution

Screen recording is a common need for our digital lifestyle. Whenever we want to demonstrate some activity on our desktop such as software usage, interactive presentations, tips & tricks, a screen-casting software is a must. It allows us to record whatever we are doing on screen in video format.

While simple screen-recording software allows you to record the entire screen for a limited time, the task is not limited to just that. We want to record only a specific section of the screen, add our own audio and webcam video, record without time limitation, flexibility to play/pause or stop recording, highlight or draw over on-the-go, multiple outputs & sharing options, and much more.

Many such features are available in complex screen-casting software but they demand a long time to learn & master them. But, you know what, if you have EaseUS RecExperts, you can enjoy all the essential features right away.

EaseUS RecExperts

What is EaseUS RecExperts?

EaseUS RecExperts is a very simple screen-recording software that lets you do all advanced activities that you want to do while screen-casting without any hassle. You can do all that you could with any complex screen-casting software but, with good peace of mind. And, it’s free.

Let’s check out the main features of the EaseUS RecExperts screen recorder that makes.

Features of EaseUS RecExperts

Software interface

EaseUS RecExperts is a very minimal styled software that, when you start, will show just a small window with all important tools and a dotted box that you can move or adjust to focus on the area that you want to record. Its window has main options to adjust the focus area’s size, turn on/off sound from mic, turn on/off webcam, a button to start the screen-recording.

Recording options

EaseUS RecExperts allows you to play/pause or stop screen-recorder at any time manually but you can also configure the built-in task scheduler or auto-stop feature to record at specific times. Moreover, the latest version of RecExperts has the option to choose whether you want to record the screen or only its audio. This feature is especially helpful when you want to record music from YouTube videos.

Focused Navigation

While we are recording a demo/tutorial, it’s important to keep the viewer’s eyes exactly where we are working on the screen. Even in the selected recording, the viewer can be lost. So, EaseUS RecExperts allows you to highlight the cursor’s background or click or use the spotlight feature which highlights only the current area where you’re working. It makes demo and tutorials so smooth to understand for viewers.

Game Recording

Recording gameplay requires special settings that not all screen-casting software have. EaseUS RecExperts has a built-in game recording mode that hides all of its visual elements but still records your entire game screen to provide you uncluttered recording experience. PC Gameplay aufnehmen via EaseUS RecExperts gives you true HD screen-recording at high FPS with crystal-clear audio.

Advanced Editor

While recording, you can activate the advanced toolbox which has lots of amazing drawing, writing, and markup tools tha can be so helpful in all types of screen recordings. You can draw shapes like line, square, or circles, insert arrows, text, highlight any part of your screen while recording, choose different colors and fonts to type, use the doddle tool to draw anything or even open a whiteboard to teach something properly.

Full Control

EaseUS RecExperts provides you full control not only over the tools but also over the underlying settings of the software. Just open the software’s settings by clicking on the gear icon and it will open the comprehensive settings window from where you can change settings of audio, video, mouse, recordings, output folder, screenshot, main panel and much more. In each of these sections, RecExperts provides control over very delicate settings such as bitrate for audio recording, fps, for those who know how to use them.

Using EaseUS RecExperts

EaseUS RecExperts is by far the easiest screen recording software with so many essential features. And, all of it is available to use for free. You can download RecExperts directly from its official website and start using it instantly without paying a single cent which is really great to evaluate all the features of the software but it has limited recording time. When you’re totally satisfied, you can go ahead and buy EaseUS RecExperts full version which unlocks unlimited recording time, lifetime updates and much more for you.

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