Keep Up With Employee Monitoring Software In Order To Save Your Company

Throughout 2017, companies experienced a moment of legal uncertainty regarding the obligation to keep a record of work hours performed by their employees. There are several options which you can use in order to have your employees under control and to save your data under your company doors, but surely the best option today is Employee Monitoring Software.

Technological advances also enable greater control over workers and the execution of their tasks. Not only is it a matter of tracking the vehicle fleet of our company via GPS, to facilitate coordination, but we are also starting to implement these same controls directly with the employees themselves.

Monitor Employees

Currently, in the case of part-time employees, the company must make the total computation of ordinary and extraordinary hours per month and deliver a copy of the summary to the worker along with the payroll.

In addition, part-time workers cannot do overtime. Only in case of force could be made, but it must be an extreme situation (a flood, a fire, etc.). So you need to track their time with software, such as Monitask, and to really see what they are working during working hours.

To avoid misunderstandings, the day of part-time workers will be registered every day and will be totaled monthly. The employer must deliver a copy to the worker along with the payroll. In this copy must be recorded the hours performed in each month, both ordinary and complementary.

This task can be a complication and a waste of time for many companies with little staff turnover. To improve the management of employees, there are time control applications that help us in this task. There are various options for you to choose the best one that suits your needs. There are a very intuitive platform designed for companies that want to opt for digitalization from a collaborative environment, where both the App and web versions, can easily manage the processes of vacations, absences and presence fully integrated. It has a digital transfer system, through App and Web (limited by IP’s), being very easy to use by the employee. Workers can have all the information of the working day, pocket work calendar, request vacations from any device location. And employers too.

In addition, it can be integrated with transfer terminals (biometrics, facial recognition), allows an unlimited creation of fixed, flexible, rotating schedules, transforms the overtime for full-time workers and complementary hours for part-time workers, allows the issuance of official listings that can be requested by the Labour Inspection.

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