15 Proxy & Mirror Sites to Bypass Sad Panda & Access Exhentai.org

Exhentai is a subsidiary of E-Hentai Gallery which contains much violent Hentai Manga comics. They decided to put them on separate website because they don’t want to affect their community of users and advertisers from it. Even, they have made access to Exhentai much tougher too. Firstly, unlike E-Hentai, you can’t access Exhentai by simply browsing Exhentai.org which is its main domain. Try all you want but you will only see a Sad Panda picture on the homepage and nothing else.

Exhentai.org can be accessed in very specific way. If you want to use the formal way (which consume time) then head over to this Reddit thread which provides you a step-by-step guide on how to access Sad Panda / Exhentai.org. The method says, you have to first register E-Hentai and when your account is at least one week old then browse Exhentai.org by clearing cookies & cache from your browser and then you’ll be able to log in using your E-Hentai account and access Exhentai content.

But, the time to access Exhentai using this method can’t be decreased. You need to wait for at least 7 days. However, there are some tricks by which you can have instant access to all Exhentai content. And, that trick is to use Exhentai Proxy sites. You can try every popular proxy site you know,  none of them will be able to provide you the access of Exhentai. There are some very special proxies which can provide you instant access to Exhentai.

Below here, I am sharing such 15 Exhentai proxy sites which you can browse directly without using any other tricks. These Exhentai Proxy sites using special settings to bypass Sad Panda and provide you access to Exhentai instantly.

exHentai Proxy/Mirror



Unblock ExhentaiONLINEVery Fast
Exhentai UK ProxyONLINEFast
Exhentai US ProxyONLINEFast
Exhentai Mirror SiteONLINENormal
Exhentai AlternativesONLINEVery Fast
Unblock Exhentai ProxyONLINEFast
Exhentai UnblockedONLINENormal
Proxy for ExhentaiONLINEVery Fast
Exhentai ProxyONLINESlow
Exhentai Proxy MirrorONLINESlow

Make sure to bookmark this article because we will keep on adding more Exhentai proxy sites as soon as we find them. Till then, enjoy browsing Exhentai using the above proxy site. And, if you know any other Exhentai proxy, don’t forget to mention it in the comments section below.

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