Best Fleet Management Software for Car Rentals in the USA

Fleet management means management of commercial motor vehicles such as trucks, vans, cars, trailers, forklifts and specialist vehicles such as mobile construction machinery. Fleet management software is the backbone of car rental business; the success of any fleet business mainly depends on the fleet management software and on its features.

The USA car rental market dominates in the car rental business across the world with most transactions. Rent A Car enterprise dominates the global market by huge margin with 48787.1 thousands transactions. Hertz in the USA HAS 18141.7 thousands transactions. The USA market has a maximum number of car fleet vehicles with rental duration of 4 hours. North American dominates the global fleet market with more than 30% market share. In this article, I will focus on some of the best car fleet management software of the USA.

Rental Car Fleet Management

1. Easy Rent Pro

  • Founded in 2006. One time cost is $299.00. Free trial is also available.
  • It uses MYSQL on the backend so it is easy to connect and integrate with third party solutions.
  • Key features like reservations management, rate tables for rate management, quotations, fleet management, Quick books, fines management, billing and invoicing.
  • Windows based software with user friendly interface that supports multiple languages.

2. RentWorks

  • Founded in 1993. One time cost is $995.00. Free trial is also available.
  • Key features like vehicle tracking, split billing, reservations management, rate tables, estimates, fleet management, fines management, billing and invoicing, credit card processing and accident claims tracking.
  • Windows based software provides a high speed user interface.
  • Offers industry leading customer support and upgrades the system timely to fulfill the changing trends.
  • Periodically offers standard support plans to its regular customers.
  • 24*7 customer support.

3. Booking Tool

  • Founded in 2008. Per month cost is $59.00. Free trial is also available.
  • Key features like GPS tracking, rate tables, instant quotation, cloud based fleet management and hourly, shuttle and point to point reservation management, fines management, free real time credit card payment processing and invoicing.
  • Automatically send your customer pickup reminders and feedback emails.
  • Software is PCI Compliant and runs weekly security scans.
  • Offers low rate monthly plans with no contracts.

4. Loaner Track

  • Founded in 1993. One time cost is $995.00. Free trial is also available.
  • Key features like accounting, service department, new car lot, form printing, day and night separate customer database and graphics planner.
  • PA-DSS certified car fleet software for car rental business and service loan departments.
  • Keep record of check-out and check-in vehicles that are due back to the dealership.

5. Limo Anywhere

  • Founded in 2004. Per month cost is $79.00. Free trial is also available.
  • Key features like vehicle tracking, customer database, billing and invoicing, connect with the digital customer, communicate with drivers and track ride progress with the driver.
  • Streamline your business with booking, scheduling, dispatch and reservation management systems.
  • Preferred software of nearly 5,000 Limousine and Livery Services.
  • Offers flexible pricing plans.

6. AUTOsist

  • Founded in 2004. Per month cost is $149. Free trial is also available.
  • Key features are track completed maintenance with receipt and document upload, build custom checklists with notifications for items marked not in proper order, push notifications and email reminders by data or odometer, fuel tracking, user management for assigning users to specific vehicles/assets with permission control, trip log to track miles or hours for your units and document management.
  • User friendly interface and 24*7 customer support.
  • Mobile application is available for both android and IOS.
  • Reasonable price at entry level. The minimum number of vehicles required is five at $59 per month.
  • Disadvantages of this software are no live tracking feature, scaling up packages can become costly, reports and analytics can be unreliable.

Functions of fleet management

  1. To plan fleet strategy.
  2. Vehicle remarketing, maintenance, leasing, financing, licensing, tracking and diagnostics.
  3. Supply chain management, health and safety management of drivers and passengers.
  4. Accident, speed and fuel management of vehicle.

Car Fleet Management

Why Companies use Fleet Management Software?

Companies which rely on transportation business use fleet management software

  • To reduce or terminate the dangers linked with vehicle investment.
  • To enhance productivity and efficiency.
  • To minimize overall costs of staff and transportation.
  • To eliminate manual data entry and provide a complete view of operating costs.
  • To provide full compliance with government legislation.
  • Offers choice to customers from economy cars to luxury cars.
  • To track expenses in real time so that fleet managers can easily track budgets and get an accurate calculation of their total cost of ownership.


There are several known advantages of fleet management software especially when you’re dealing with a large number of cars and many warehouses. Even in that, if you have categories of car such as Sedan, Hatchback, Off-road, SUVs, Luxury, 7-seaters, etc., the software makes management even more easy & seamless. 

Advantages of fleet management software’s of cars – 

  1. Satisfies the customer by reaching and finishing the journey either on or before time.
  2. Facilitates the fleet manager to keep a tight eye on every movement of their car to check the overall operational cost by reducing not only the idle time but also the fuel consumption.
  3. Helps the fleet manager not only to check and stop any undesirable activity of passenger and driver during the journey but also to keep the cars records to save themselves from lawsuits and profiles of the drivers to know about his behavior on and off the work.
  4. Vehicle tracking feature of fleet management software helps the manager to know all the details like stoppage time, speed, route etc. and helps the driver to find the best possible route to reach the destination by avoiding traffic jams and by selecting the shortest path to save fuel and money.
  5. Keep ready all the cars of the fleet so that they can be called and used whenever they are needed.
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