Things to Ensure Before Rolling Out Your Car Fleet for Service

Whether you’re looking to start a company specifically designed to serve fleet businesses or you are considering adding that option to your service list, this is a choice that can be profitable for sure. However, managing a pool of commercial vehicles can be challenging at times.

So, before you get started and roll out your car fleet for service, you should ensure certain things like servicing of the vehicle and analysis of data, while still keeping flexibility on the specifics.  There are also advanced technologies like a GPS tracker, dash car camera, and other devices that bring a smooth process in the fleet management system. Let’s have an in-depth look at these things:

Car Fleet Service

Service & Maintenance of Vehicle

Regular inspections for vehicle maintenance can help keep vehicles safe and reduce off-road time. Before beginning deliveries, frequent checks should always be promoted as an essential part of your business policy. You should know when maintenance is required for your car fleet so that you can service them before any problems arise. Not only does this save you time, but it also saves you money as well. It will ensure that your vehicles are safe and efficient by routine service and maintenance of the vehicle.

Analysis of Data

Analyzing data and identifying where you are successful and where there is room for improvement is the best way to boost the performance of your fleet. Using a routing system with a comprehensive dashboard for analytics will give you insight into key metrics and allow you to make informed decisions before you start with your fleet management services. Tap the current resources of your fleet, including average daily vehicles, scheduled distances, load usage of cars, and unplanned breaches of the time window.

Promote Safe Driving Habits

To ensure that your car fleet is rolling out effectively for service, you should promote and maintain safe driving habits. You can do so by creating and enforcing safety policies for drivers. These could include restrictions on the use of cell phones, substance abuse, injuries and violations, and parking. Provide ongoing training to ensure that drivers comply with the general traffic laws as well. Train the drivers not to take more jobs than they can manage reasonably in a single day, making it safe for them to travel between stops.

Implement GPS Tracking

One of the essential investments is to buy a GPS tracking device that will help you monitor your employees, keep track of your stocks, and ensure timely delivery of your products and services. With advanced technologies, a tracking device has a GPS car camera as an additional feature to review the drivers daily driving footage along with monitoring the location of the vehicle. You can rectify their mistakes like switching lanes abruptly, applying the brakes too hard, and so much more.

Roll Out Your Fleet Car with Vehicle Tracker from KENT CamEye

With numerous GPS tracker options in the market, you are meant to be baffled while choosing the one for your fleet management business. Though keeping all the necessity in mind, instead of going for a vanilla tracking device, you should go for a GPS tracker with an in-built car camera. One such reliable and trustworthy GPS tracker is KENT CamEye, which is one of the first of its kind with advanced 360-degree security.

It aids you with real-time monitoring to keep you abreast of the vehicle’s location. The GPS car camera lets you record the inside and outside of the fleet car and the pre-installed 4G sim that keeps the device connected to the internet and enables you to upload data on cloud storage. This device is easy to install, and it can be easily ordered from Amazon India. Install KENT CamEye and get your car fleet to roll out now!

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