Top 10 Fun Things to Do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas city is known around the world for fun and excitement. The most famous things available there are incredible casinos, resort-lined streets, sparkles with lights, and recreated glamorous sites in the city. There are so many awesome things to do in the Entertainment Capital of the World, both on and off The Strip. Whatever interest you have you can always have fun in Las Vegas. In this city, you can explore day and night.

Here, you will also find entertaining things that are awesomely educational, attractive museums, feature free streetside shows, dancing fountains to erupting volcanoes. amazing restaurants, amazing buffets, all kinds of recreational opportunities, from hiking and camping to boating and skiing. Here you have options to take in a night of world-class entertainment or spend your time lazing in the sun at a glam resort pool. Vegas is great for family, friends, or even a quality solo trip.

You can visit Las Vegas year-round. You do not have to wait for particular weather to go and enjoy the place. If you go in winter, you will enjoy the sightseeing there and if you choose summer, then you can enjoy the daytime activities in the hotel pools.

The list of top attractions in Los Vegas are mentioned below:

Las Vegas Sightseeing

1. The Strip

The strip is a two point five long central section of Las Vegas Boulevard, it runs through the city from northeast to southwest. It is lined with huge entertainment palaces, many built with a defining theme, and home to performance venues, luxury hotel rooms, and fine dining.

The most sensational and heart-touching experience is walking along the Strip and soaking up the sights. It’s particularly impressive at night when the city is illuminated by an endless succession of glittering neon signs. 

2. Explore the Black Canyon wildlife by kayak

One of the most enjoyable things you could do while visiting the Black Canyon is a half-day kayak tour. You will get to see the native wildlife, including desert bighorn sheep. The flora is also very impressive, and you will get to see a number of beautiful landscapes, such as the Emerald Cave. Just make sure not to fall in the water, it gets pretty cold down there.

3. The Peppermill

It is a classic dinner and lounge. Here partiers dig into late-night omelettes and gather around fire pits with fruity cocktails. There are two parts in the Peppermill. The front half of the building is a 24-hour diner, where velvet booths welcome guests to hearty plates of eggs and hash browns and piled-high fruit plates. The back half is the Fireside Lounge, a glorious throwback to the days when disco ruled the dance floor, drowned in blacklight, packed with fake foliage and mirrors.

4. The fountains of Bellagio:

The dancing waters of this Las Vegas landmark are a familiar sight that never fails to impress a person. Bellagio’s signature dancing fountains are arguably the most popular attraction on The Strip.

The geysers are nestled in the eight-and-a-half-acre lake in front of the resort. The fountain erupts music every half an hour in the afternoon and every 15 minutes throughout the evening. The fountain display starts at 3 p.m. Monday through Friday and goes until midnight.

Saturday, Sunday and holidays, it starts at noon and ends at midnight. The aquatic spectacle immortalized in Ocean’s Eleven is truly priceless.

5. Venetian Hotel

The Venetian is an ever-expanding resort and entertainment complex with indoor and outdoor gondolas and larger-than-life decor. Inside, St. Mark’s Square is replicated complete with costumed characters and gelato stands under a perpetually sunny sky. Bask in lavish comfort here, as The Venetian boasts some of the largest suites on The Strip and has multiple pools in Italian-inspired gardens.

6. Try the cowboy lifestyle with a sunset dinner after a horseback tourist Hotel and the Eiffel Tower

If you are going to Las Vegas then you must put yourself into the Wild West with a horseback seated sunset. Dusk in Nevada is very powerful and colorful. You must enjoy the delicious dinner there.

7. Caesar’s Palace

The Caesar Palace is one of the Strip’s prime destinations. It has a stunning pool area, the hottest club in town, a massive shopping center, and nearly 4,000 rooms and suites. They run the gamut from the Forum Tower’s classic design to the Augustus Tower’s contemporary aesthetic to Nobu Hotel’s sleek Japanese sophistication. Caesars has long been synonymous with luxury; the hotel also boasts a handful of ultra-exclusive villas. 

8. Visit the Las Vegas Springs Preserve

Visiting the Springs Preserve is definitely something the typical Vegas traveler rarely considers. Dinosaurs’ exhibitions, geology showcases, cabarets, virtual reality experience, and plenty more are on offer. Here you will find something for people of all ages.

9. Tick off tandem skydiving from your bucket list

Skydiving is a hilarious activity that rushes through your veins when you jump from a plane in a tandem skydive over the Grand Canyon. A skydive anywhere in the world is heart-racing but a skydive over the Grand Canyon is an unforgettable memory. 

10. Light at Mandalay Bay

Mandalay Bay is a luxury resort which is located just off the Strip. It has all the facilities you want, even a private beach with a casino located on the ground floor. It is in the city of sin through a rock in Las Vegas. There are six-night clubs that throw a rock in Las Vegas. Its streets are like a living thing with pulsing music and flashing strobe lights as far as the eye can see. Multiple bars are scattered around the dance floor. 


This desert oasis offers a list of unforgettable activities unmatched by any other city in the world. I hope reading this article has definitely excited you for visiting Los Vegas and you enjoyed reading all the fun activities that it offers. Casinos, bars, and restaurants are a dime a dozen in Sin City; for something a little out of the ordinary, and a perfect activity for the whole family. So, everyone can enjoy themselves there!

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