Best VR Games To Start Playing Right Now

Virtual Reality is one of the trending topics nowadays in the world of advanced games. Moreover, the popular manifestation of virtual reality has arrived in a gaming space. The customers can enjoy several virtual reality gaming choices if they can purchase the PlayStation VR, HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. The headsets for playing virtual reality games are very expensive, so even after the discount, you will have to pay a pretty expensive cost.

If you have a smartphone that is capable of the virtual reality then you can easily purchase the headset that will be compatible with it. There are several inexpensive options like Google cardboard to Google daydream.

Best VR Games

So here in this article, we will be looking into top virtual reality games which are compatible on Android and IOS devices.

  • Adventure Time: Animated Time is one of the most popular animated series, which was telecasted in Cartoon Network and following the popularity of virtual reality game it was built on its concept. The game is incredibly enjoyable and polished just like the series. This virtual reality game has been specifically made for the fans of Adventure Time. It is quite similar to the series because the screen will appear to be very gorgeously printed like the wall art.
  •  Hidden Temple VR Adventure: This game is not related to hidden temples or any game shows. In this game, you will enjoy the virtual reality because it has an immersive gameplay which has been beautifully rendered. The visuals will make this game more adventurous. There is an added bonus point for Indiana Jones aesthetic from logo to the atmosphere.
  • VR Noir: There is a different kind of visual stimulation when it comes to the virtual reality games and when the game is focused on a story then it enhances the experience of the gamer. This is one of the best video games on virtual reality that you can play on your smartphone. It includes pure gaming along with a cinematic experience. The narration is engrossing and the voice acting is of a good quality. The engaging format of the game makes it one of the best mobile virtual reality games which one can play for free.

  • Vanguard V: This is one of the most excellent virtual reality shooter game. Here you will be enjoying the perspective of a third person and it is the rail shooter game. The visuals and the audio of this game are excellent as well as phenomenal. The soundtrack and the voice acting really shine. The controls can really give you a challenge and it requires a lot of practice.
  • Proton Pulse: After the release of Vanguard V the Proton Pulse is bringing a new dimension to the games dealing with virtual reality. The Arcade Brick game is more intense than the basic one from blackberry days. You will also get a backstory in this game and it comes with mesmerizing colours, audios that will be eardrum melting along with intuitive control which makes this game a very popular one among the other virtual reality games.
  • Sisters: Sisters is a virtual survival horror game designed for the Android and IOS devices. It is not only creepy, but it will bring you a lot of fun. It is quite synonymous with that of the Resident Evil, but it does not have any archaic fixed angles for the camera. You will be getting the perspective of the first person.
  • Zombie Shooter: If you have played the game called House of the Dead then you will also like this game because it is a virtual reality game. This game appears like the retro arcade and you will be having a lot of bloody fun in this. It is a free game so you can play it on your smartphone.

Zombie Shooter

  • BattleZ VR: This is a zombie shooting game where you will be playing on the first person perspective. You can play it in the multiplayer mode and you can also join and make a team and defend the people from the zombies. There is another bonus point of this game and that is any player can easily turn against their own player for getting bonus power. This game is frenetic and it is one of the most entertaining virtual reality game you will encounter.
  • Chair in a Room: If you’re looking for a terrifying virtual reality horror game then Chair in a Room is the right game for you. This is definitely a survival game as well as horrifying and you will be playing the entire game on the perspective of the first You will be encountering a lot of dark environment as well as plenty of jumps that will scare you because the virtual reality concept has been used quite optimally in this game. You will be getting an engaging narration related to finding a girl who is missing. When you will be playing this game you will be armed with the flashlight and nothing else.
  • Unicorn Happy Place: Unicorn happy place is a virtual reality game and it has a multilingual title that basically centers on the purple unicorn in the magical forest. You can play this game on several types of modes along with relaxing meditation. You can also interact with your unicorn in several ways like feeding them with carrots. If you are new to the concept of virtual reality games then you should definitely begin with a Unicorn happy place.

Unicorn Happy Place

These are the 10 virtual reality games which you can play on your Android or iOS devices. When you are playing any virtual reality game make sure you have the right equipment otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy the essence of it. You can visit the official website and check out whether they are free or you will have to pay any cost for it. These games have done a lot of justice to the concept of virtual reality games.

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