How to Sign Up and Verify a PayPal account

Whenever a person is dealing with sending or receiving payment through online mode, then they need to opt for something secure and trustworthy. If you want to make any transaction specifically for making any payment online, then you can use your debit or credit card, but when it comes to receiving money then you will need services like the PayPal account.

PayPal is one of the trusted and oldest services for receiving or sending any payment worldwide. It will help you in receiving payment without any hassle. If you are a blogger then you will definitely encounter that most of the people are making transactions using PayPal account. Even freelancers, online businesses and many other services use PayPal for the transaction of money safely. If you are in need to create a PayPal account here, we are telling the proper way to signup and verify a PayPal account so that you can use PayPal service without any problems.

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Verification and PayPal confirmation

Verifying and confirming the PayPal account is very simple, but unfortunately, many people find it to be quietly complicated, but not to worry as we will simplify the entire process in this article.

Whenever you are opening a PayPal account then you can easily start sending the money by linking with your credit or debit card, but when it comes to receiving money then you will have to link PayPal account with that of the bank account. In this way, you can easily remove the limit of withdrawal from the PayPal account and you can easily withdraw your PayPal balance and send it directly to the linked bank account.

Create an account

The first step will be to visit the website of PayPal or use it through an app. You will be getting a homepage from where you will have to create the account. You can also do it from the application by downloading it from the store.

  1. Sign up: This is the first step of account creation where you will have to tap the Sign Up for free button. If you want to open the business account then you will get two options each having its own benefit and cost structures. If you open the standard account then it will be completely free. If you opt for the professional account then you will have to pay $30 every month. If you are a user who does a lot of shopping or deals with a lot of buying or selling on E-commerce website then a standard free business account will be more beneficial.PayPal Account Type
  2. Email address and password: As you will be loading all the financial information into this account so make sure that you are creating a very strong password that will be hard to crack by anyone. As you will have to verify the PayPal account so make sure that you are entering a valid email address.
  3. PayPal Signup Form
  4. Fill up the form: You will be getting a form where you will have to enter the legal name, phone number and address. All these information are very mandatory when it comes to creating a PayPal account.PayPal Form Full Details
  5. Enter debit or credit card information: After you complete entering all the personal details you will be getting an option of entering details regarding debit or credit card. You can do it anytime, but you will definitely have to do it if you want to verify the PayPal account.Debit Card
  6. Adding information related to the bank account: If you are planning on receiving money through the PayPal account then you will have to verify and link the bank account with it. You can also skip it by choosing the option of I will link my bank account later.
  7. Applying for the PayPal credit: Now you will be taken to the summary page after making the account, but before that, you will get a message where they will ask you for signing up and apply for the PayPal credit. This is completely optional, so you can and just click No Thanks.

Verify the PayPal account

For paying for the orders you will have to verify the PayPal account. It will secure the transactions along with increasing the sending limits. The process of verification is very fast and easier and free of charges.

You will have to log in to the PayPal account. In the task board, you can see steps required to get your PayPal account verified. There are total 4 steps, you need to complete each of them. Verify Paypal

Each step is very easy. Firstly, check your email, as you might have received the confirmation email from PayPal for your account signup. Click it’s confirmation link and the step is done.

Now, provide PAN card number. Add the bank account where you want to receive income from this PayPal account. In this step, you might need to wait for up to a week as PayPal will deposit 2 small amounts in your bank account within a week and you need to enter those amounts here.

Finally, provide a purpose code about what type of payments you will be receiving in this account and this step is also done. Now, your PayPal account will be fully verified after 24 hours of completion of all 4 tasks.

PayPal Verified

So, this is an overview of how to open a PayPal account and how to verify it. Verifying is very important because even if you are skipping it in the first few processes you still will have to complete it for making future transactions. Try to avoid filling up improper information because it can make the process difficult for you.

PayPal gives you the liberty of confirming anything when you are ready and before that, you won’t have to provide any extra details related to your card or bank account. PayPal accounts are widely used by people who deal with online transactions. This guide will help you to successfully open your account and verify it. You can get a lot of insight details about PayPal account on the official website.

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