10+1 Gadgets for Elderly/Old People to Make Their Life Easier

Human aging is the progressive process of becoming older that leads to an increased risk of disability, disease and death. No human can stop aging. Old age results in the steady decline of one’s capabilities. A task that was very easy to do at a young age may seem very difficult now. All of us know that technology has covered almost every aspect of life in the last two decades.

Luckily, a large number of specially designed gadgets are available in the market not only to fulfill the increasing needs of old people but also to make their life more convenient.  Today, I will award you with some useful gadgets for your older parents and grandparents. These gadgets are inexpensive, tried-tested, easily available online and offline, easy to use and install.

1. Grabber Stick

It is very difficult for elderly people to bend down to pick up something from the ground, to hold something in weak hands for a long time and to reach up high. Grabber sticks sort out all these problems. It has a C- shaped handle to operate a grabber at the bottom and to provide body balance to old people.

grabber reacher tool

2. Pill Dispenser

It is an electronic item in which medications are loaded and each dose is dispensed according to a preset schedule. An audio reminder sounds to notify the patient that it is time to take your pills. A smart dispenser automatically organizes schedules and delivers patient medication with the touch of a button. Their purpose is to help senior citizens and other patients to take medicines on time.

3. Motion sensor lights

Old people often slip and fall over at night while rushing to the toilet in the dark night. Motion sensor lights sensing any movement with-in five meters and will automatically illuminate. This will minimize the disturbance for other sleeping persons caused by switching on the main light or corridor light at night.  These lights are easy to plug in the power socket.

4. GPS Smart Sole

This GPS device is sealed and hidden inside a shoe sole to send location updates to the monitoring system so that it can send out online alerts to the caregivers in the form of text messages and email with the last known location of the person. This tracker is developed especially for an elderly person living with Dementia and Alzheimer. This helps to reduce the stress of the caretakers.

5. Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Monitors

The risk of suffering from cardiovascular issues increases in old age that is why these medical gadgets are used to track the heart rate, oxygen levels, calories burned, sleep, blood pressure, active time and to send off alerts in case of emergency. Heart rate monitors are available in many variants so you can choose the particular model that is most suitable to ensure the well-being of your old parents.

6. Fall Detector

This gadget is designed to detect a fall based on body movement of elderly people and send a warning to the caretaker along with the geographic location to send timely help and reduce the dark side effect of the fall to a certain reach. It is water resistant and comes with a pendant with one month battery life. Removable bath boards and anti-slip rug grippers are in trend to increase the safety of our senior citizens.

Old People Falling

7. Bed Cane / Bed Lever

It is very difficult to get-in and get-out of bed in old age. Bed lever is an inexpensive mechanical gadget which provides extra holding support so that old people do not lose their balance while sitting in and standing from the bed respectively.

8. Dementia Day Clock

Dementia is a group of conditions characterized by impairment of at least two brain functions such as memory loss and judgment. This big black and white display clock helps elderly people living with dementia to avoid the confusion of day, date and time by spelling out. It helps the senior citizens to understand if it is morning or evening or night especially when the seasons change and the extra hours of light and darkness create confusion.

9. Panic Buttons

A panic button is an electronic device which allows elderly people under emergency conditions such as slip or fall to quickly call for help. This medical gadget is easy to install at several locations across the house. After pressing the panic button, it not only sends an alert message to the concerned caretaker, but also sets off an alarm and a flashing LED light at an interval of 30 seconds to alert all nearby people.

10. Hearing Aid

Hearing loss is a common disease in old age. To solve this problem, present time hearing aids come with comfortable buds, rechargeable batteries and offer features like noise cancellation, Bluetooth connectivity with smartphones, voice recognition etc.

old people hearing issue

11. Toilet Frames and Raised Toilet Seat

This height and width adjustable mechanical gadget is a temporary solution to increase stability for old people while lowering down and pulling up themselves from the toilet seat.

Another option is the portable and lockable Raised Toilet Seat with handles for balance and support. This seat decreases the distance between sitting and standing. This is mainly used for Arthritis patients.


As the time passes, old people become more dependent on others for care and support. The latest smart line technology offers a set of life changing tools to our elderly people so that they can live independently, happily, confidently and conveniently with dignity either alone or with the things and people they love.

As a result, family members are changing their difficult decision to shift their old parents or grandparents to assisted living facilities, old age homes or nursing homes.

Some of the above products are not only helpful for older people but also for persons with disabilities and adults recovering from an injury. There is a long list of gadgets from smart home security devices and health monitoring sensors to smartphones and emergency assistance technology. These gadgets are perfect gifts for senior citizens at any occasion.

Robyn Matthews started writing about technology when she was far too young and hasn't stopped. She spends most of his time obsessing over computer software and hardware, and loves talking about herself in third person.