5 Reasons to Move Your Older Relative into an Assisted Living Facility

Older adults have it tough sometimes. If you live a good, long life, near the end of it, you might no longer enjoy the lucidity you once had. On the other hand, you might have lucidity but some physical ailments.

If you have an older adult in your family who lives on their own, a time might come when you want to look at some options with them. For instance, you might suggest that they move into your home where you can take care of them. You might try getting them a live-in nurse or home health aide.

One more option is to move them into an assisted living facility. There are several reasons to go in this direction, so let’s explore some of them right now.

Assisted Living

The Staff Can Make Sure They Take Their Medication

One reason why you might want to move your older relative into a senior assist care facility is that once they’re in there, the staff can help them take their medication every day. Maybe they’re taking meds for:

  • A heart condition
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure

Seldom do you have an older adult who isn’t swallowing at least a few pills in the morning? The staff can make sure they don’t forget to take them, which can prolong your relative’s life and ensure they enjoy it more.

The Company is Good for Them

Many studies have also shown that older individuals live longer if there are other people around them. With an assisted living facility, that means:

  • The staff
  • Other residents

The staff can do things with them like assemble puzzles, watch TV, play games, etc. They could even read to them if a resident can’t see as well, or their mental acuity is not what it was.

It’s likely that some of the other residents will also be the same age as your relative. Being around these others is good for them as well.

They’ve lived through the same historical periods. They can talk about the things they’ve seen and what they remember. This is an excellent way for them to keep their minds sharp.

The Staff Can Help Them Exercise

One reason why some individuals don’t do as well once they get to a certain age is that they don’t exercise as much as they used to, or at all. They might have stiff joints, pains, and aches, etc.

The problem is that if you exercise less, your body atrophies. You lose flexibility. This makes it more likely you’ll fall when you try to move around.

The assisted living facility staff can make sure these older individuals exercise every day. They might have a pool where they can swim. Maybe they have some free weights or exercise bikes.

Even walking around the grounds can help an older individual stay limber. The staff can coax them into exercising if that’s what it takes. This is another life-quality booster.

The Staff is There for Medical Emergencies

One reason why some families worry when they have an older adult living alone is if there is a medical emergency. If this individual falls, they might not be able to summon help.

For instance, if they fall in the living room, maybe they can’t get to the phone in the kitchen. They could die because no one knows their predicament.

There’s no chance of this happening if you get your relative into a high-quality assisted living facility. Once they’re in there, you know that the staff patrols the premises day and night.

If ever one of the residents falls or experiences distressing symptoms, the staff can quickly administer CPR or call an ambulance.

The Staff Will Keep Them Clean and Feed Them

Another issue with older adults living alone is that perhaps they can’t care for themselves like they once could. They might be a great cook, but now they can’t move around the kitchen easily anymore.

They might eat only junk food, or perhaps they forget to eat. Maybe they can no longer wash and groom themselves, either.

If you move them into an assisted living facility, the staff can make sure they wash themselves every day. They can cook meals for them and serve them.

The more you look at it, the more sense this option usually makes. Just be sure that you find a facility that has an excellent track record. You must beware of elder abuse situations, which happen far too often.

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