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Instagram is now the most popular social media platform with over 400M people actively coming and browsing stuff daily. So, it for ambitious people and entities like Businesses, Models and Influencers, Instagram is probably the most essential place to become popular now. Everyone starts with organic practices to get popular on Instagram such as following friends, relatives and colleagues, interacting with them, asking them for a follow back, etc.

But one person can do only so much following this manual approach. I am not saying you to drop this habit because this is an integral part to grow a loyal fanbase, however, if you work a little smart along with these practices, you can gain 5 times more likes and followers with little to no efforts. How? By Using GetInsta Free Instagram Followers/Likes Service.

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What is GetInsta?

GetInsta is a community-driven social promotion app which helps you gain high-quality likes and followers whenever you want for FREE. Available to use both via web and phone app, GetInsta allows you to exchange likes, engagement and increase followers with the help of other real Instagram users without wasting any time in searching for good profiles who believe in exchanges.

You see, this platform acts like a central place where you earn coins when you like or follow someone and you can spend these coins in getting likes to your post or followers to your account whenever or how much you need. Being a free promotion app, anyone can use GetInsta provided they only use real & active Instagram accounts unlike other Instagram likes services which not only charge you money to get Instagram likes and followers but also send them from fake followers or bot accounts which put huge risk on your account.

Why You Should Use GetInsta?

I am using GetInsta for especially for my new Travel Instagram account which now has 1092 followers and its gaining 150+ followers daily with 200 likes per post distributed evenly throughout the day. While using this service, I find some amazing results that you’ll surely appreciate –

GetInsta Free Likes Followers

  • I tried only organic approach first 2 days, it only helped me get 20 followers after following over 50 accounts and interacting with them but now, I am getting 50+ followers organically putting the same efforts.
  • GetInsta takes only half to one hour of my time daily and I am able to get around 100 likes/followers using it.
  • GetInsta followers not only engage to earn coins but as they are real people, they engage with your new posts as well contributing towards an ideal engaging Instagram fanbase you always wanted.
  • As Instagram users on GetInsta are real and they provide you promotion (likes or followers) throughout the day so that keeps your account on good standing and keeps it out of danger of Instagram bans or shadowbans.

Followers from GetInsta show a drop-rate of less than 5% and now my profile is organically more visible on Explore page and it is getting organic followers & likes more aggressively. So, apart from the obvious factors that this service helps you get real Instagram followers and Likes for free, GetInsta is also helpful in increasing visibility of your Instagram account, become trending on Explore page and Tags that you have added in your posts.

How to Use GetInsta for Free Followers/Likes?

GetInsta allows you to use its service via Web and mobile app. Firstly, to user its service, you need to register for an account on its website or app for free. Whenever you’re in need of using this service, on Desktop, login to your Instagram account via web browser and start completing its tasks to follow others or like their post to get coins.

For mobile, it’s even easier. As GetInsta provides you a dedicated app on the mobile phone, signup and login to the app. Now you can explore the tasks available on GetInsta app to follow or like others in order to earn coins.

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You can link your multiple Instagram accounts with the app and send followers to any of them or select any of the posts from those accounts to send real likes via GetInsta to those posts. It’s literally as easy as browsing Instagram. You can set the number of likes or followers you want to each post/account and monitor them as well via the app itself.

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Start using GetInsta

Enjoy Special Bonus! For a limited amount of time, GetInsta is giving an instant 1000 coins to everyone who signup for an account either on GetInsta app or web interface. GetInsta is an amazing platform to promote your Instagram account freely and get original likes and followers in a safe way. If you like service, you should also enjoy this signup bonus before the offer expires. So, go to GetInsta, signup for free, and start using this service to get Instagram followers/likes before your friends get to know it.

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM &, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.