The History of Online Betting

Online betting and gambling started way back in October 1994 with the advent of the Liechtenstein International Lottery. From there to the current $40 billion global online gambling market, it has come a long way. That’s the case with every country in the world. The popularity of online gambling has been attributed greatly to the growth of online betting, slots, casino, and poker platforms throughout the world.

The history of online betting games is particularly fascinating. With the advent of the internet, a large number of land-based businesses and industries started migrating online. This happened mainly in the 1990s. The Asian countries such as Indonesia were a little slow in the uptake. Nevertheless, within the next 10 years, a majority of gambling portals were serving Asian countries as well.

Newer regulations to control the spread of online gambling platforms were put in place soon afterward. Regardless, the journey from small-time online gambling to full-fledged gambling and gaming corporations is very interesting.

Let’s delve deeper.

Sports Betting

The review of online gaming competition in Indonesia

The competition started rising in the early 2000s in Indonesia. More and more online betting games and means of gambling online started cropping up. This surge forced the hands of the government to deploy stricter policies, those not particularly in the favor of gambling in general.

Online gaming in Indonesia is pretty tightly regulated right now and only licensed casinos such as Gclub who provide licensed online slots can operate.

The choice of platforms is great, and the choice of games within these platforms is even greater.

Are there betting history providers?

There are no betting history providers. The best bet is Wikipedia – where you can find a detailed breakdown of all that has happened in the online gambling industry since the 90s.

However, there’s no central record of sorts that can provide a betting history of the entire world. You can do your research through different platforms if you wish to learn more.

The countries that adopted online betting first of all (such as the UK) are testament to the unprecedented response received from the people. Online gambling can be very recreational entertainment when done with a cool head and within one’s financial limits.

Reasons online gambling is becoming popular

Many reasons can be attributed to the growth in popularity of online gambling. Key among them are as follows:

  1. An ever-increasing number of online gambling platforms are cropping up. This is increasing the amount of competitiveness, which in turn lowers the investment for players. For example, better welcome bonuses and more cashback offers are both great ways that are attracting more users than ever before as well as features that are giving more value to existing players.
  2. More and more people are getting locked down at home. This means people have to find something recreational more often. Different people choose different things, but the attractive bonuses of online betting and gambling platforms are magnetic and pull those who have some sort of previous experience with gambling and betting or those looking to spend their money in a risky fashion.
  3. The regulations are getting more and more lenient. It’s easier to participate in an online gambling game or sports betting than it was ever before. This has urged an ever-larger number of people to flock to online gambling sites. Now with more platforms properly licensed and tested to be safe, it’s easier to sign-up and start playing within seconds. Also, the sign-up process has become more hassle-free and less privacy-invading than before.
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