Hostiserver – A Reliable Managed Hosting Solution for Your Website

As more and more people are moving online for purchasing any product or service, it has become a necessity for the businesses to move online. Companies who have developed a strong presence online get a good percentage of their revenue from the online source only. It provides a global reach and exposure. So, if also want to boost your sales using Internet then the first thing that you need to have is a website.

A website is the direct representative of your business online. You need to make the best that you can. It requires a good domain name with standard extension, a reliable web hosting to provide you enough space, bandwidth, freedom & security and a good theme. You can go to any domain registrar to book any available domain name that would suit your business and as far as the UI is considered, you can hire web developers to make you an attractive theme for your website but the trickiest part is to choose a web hosting.

Hosting services keep the site online and allow you to put content on your website. So, it’s essential to purchase a reliable web hosting with the best service available at an affordable cost. And, Hostiserver Managed Hosting is a powerful web hosting service which fits the description perfectly.

Hostiserver Managed Hosting

You buy a web hosting once and when you create your website, add content to it, perform business through it, it becomes more and more complex to shift your web hosting if you later realized that the web hosting you’ve picked at the starting isn’t capable of hosting your website anymore. That’s why you need to buy a trustworthy web hosting service with which you can get along for years (and even decades) no matter how big your website becomes.

Hostiserver is one of the best web hosting services for ever-growing online businesses because it is launched to fulfill all hosting requirements of big, media-rich and heavy websites. The hosting company is providing unified hosting solution for media-rich websites with fully managed hosting. Hostiserver provides several hosting plans from which you can choose the one that best suits your business and with each of them, you will receive:

  • Fully managed services
  • Advanced monitoring
  • Performance optimization
  • CDN Website acceleration

Hostiserver Web Hosting Services

Whether it comes to bandwidth usage, disk space, RAM or CPU/Processor power, website security, support, Hostiserver provides highest level of service that your business deserves and makes it so easy for you to use that you would hardly need a technical expert ever. Just focus on increasing your business online and leave all the heavy lifting tasks of handling your rich-media website, keeping it available for thousands of visitors 24/7 to Hostiserver. It provides the following managed hosting solutions:

Virtual Servers

Starting at as low as $19.95/mo Hostiserver provides managed VPS service which is most loved by the entrepreneurs and online startups because it is better than the regular VPS solution you receive from any other web hosting service online. Hostiserver VPS service comes with CDN-accelerated VPS which provides all regular benefits such as disk space, website migration, unlimited data backup and Content Delivery Network which will decrease the loading time of your website and make it a lot faster for users & customers visiting your website.

Dedicated Servers

If you believe that your business is going to be very big then the best service available for you is Hostiserver Dedicated servers. These servers are configured to fit requirements of any big website, whether new or old. Hostiserver Dedicated servers provide sufficient bandwidth, 100% uptime, scalable resources and high performance to deliver the best experience to you and your visitors. Moreover, key services such as CDN, round-the-clock expert support, advanced monitoring and data backups are also available to you all the time to leave the competing websites behind and take your business to the height of success in no time.

Anycast CDN

If you are currently hosting your website in some other web hosting service from where you are not planning to shift right now but also want to enjoy the blazing fast CDN service that Hostiserver provides then you can independently subscribe to Anycast CDN service provided by this hosting company. Anycast CDN is a top quality Content Delivery Network service which can go along with any web hosting to provide a targeted website a boosted speed, improved performance, content protection and flexible caching policy. It also comes with SSD for any content and premium channels to deliver the requested content at the fastest speed.

Anycast CDN comes with 30-days free trial to allow you to check it’s performance for your website without spending a penny and once you are satisfied, you buy Hostiserver Anycast CDN regular plan with pay-as-you-go flexibility.

Online Backup

If your website just needs to keep its content backed up at the moment then Hostiserver Online Backup service provides your business the disk space on its enterprise-class storage at a very affordable cost of $10/250 GB. You’ll get full support from Hostiserver team, server locations to choose from, reliable hardware and 24/7 availability of your data to recover lost or damaged data quickly.

Wrapping it Up

Hostiserver managed hosting solution is providing an A-grade web hosting service with top-quality hardware and prompt online support. It is that rare and reliable hosting service which you can trust with your website for your web-hosting, CDN or online backup requirement. So, if you want to ensure the success of your online business, consider Hostiserver as your primary hosting service.

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