Hoverwatch Phone Tracker for Android, Windows and MAC OS X

The world is a nice place but for people who are alert. Lots of mischievous activities, shady tricks and scams are happening online. The number of stalkers and pedophiles have increased dramatically. Divorce and cheating cases have become more frequent. And employees? They only work properly if you keep an eye on them, no matter how nicely you pay them.

So, in this not-so-perfect world, if you want to keep yourself, your business and your beloved ones safe then there is an essential need for monitoring and that’s too, stealthily. For this, you need a trustworthy monitoring & tracking app which can track all activities of a target user. And, if you are unsure about which tracking app or software to use then try phone tracker by Hoverwatch which is a reliable tracker app that we personally tested.

What is Hoverwatch Phone Tracker?

Hoverwatch phone tracker is a tracking service which allows you to track a target user’s activity on his Android, Windows and MAC OS X devices. Using this tracking service, you can remotely track your kids, beloved ones or employees’ activities across their laptop and smartphone through an easy-to-use web interface.

From call recording to SMS tracking, Camera to Calendar Events, WhatsApp to Instagram, Skype to Snapchat, Browsing history to Geo-location, Hoverwatch phone tracker can track everything quietly by working in the hidden mode.

Features of Hoverwatch Phone Tracker

Hoverwatch phone tracker comes with so many ways to track the target user’s activities that its like you practically own their device. While I have pointed some cool tracking features above, there is a lot more to it. Below, I am telling you all the amazing features of this tracking app to unleash its full potential.

Complete Invisibility

Hoverwatch phone tracker uses very advanced techniques to perform all of its phone tracking activities while staying completely hidden from the target user. Even if the person is well aware of his device or even if he uses any scanning tool, he won’t be able to know if he is being tracked while you will continuously receive tracking information from the tracker.

Contacts & Communication Tracking

With just a few clicks, you can view all the stored contacts in target user’s phone and call logs. Not only this, Hoverwatch phone tracker allows you to record & listen every single incoming or outgoing call and if with the help of its SMS tracker, you can view all the SMS or MMS sent and received on the target user’s device.

Social Networks Tracking

Since most of the communication now takes place through social media or messenger apps, Hoverwatch phone tracker makes sure that you have a hold of it too. Hoverwatch phone tracker allows you to track WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber and Skype communications with access to all the files which are being shared. You can even spy on target user’s Snapchat to check what he is sharing or whom he is chatting there.

Anti-theft Safety

The essential anti-theft features such as geo-location tracking, front camera survelliance and SIM card change notifications are also provided through this phone tracker with the primary motive to protect the device from dangerous people but you can independently use these features for alternative purpose. For example, you can know geo-location of tracked device anytime to get an idea about where is the target user.

Get Inside Details

If you want to know which sites the target user is browsing or what is he planning for the day or this weekend then you can know through this tracking app because Hoverwatch phone tracker allows you to track user’s browsing history and you can also look into his TODO list in Calendar events for today, yesterday or the upcoming weekend.

Take Android Screenshots

It is a very handy feature which allows you to take screenshots of the tracked Android device anytime. Whether the target user is reading some web page or chatting with someone or editing any file on his phone, with a single click through your web interface, you can take screenshots of target user’s device to view exactly what he is doing right now.

Track Multiple Devices

Hoverwatch phone tracker can track up to 5 devices simultaneously. Whether you want to track some smartphones, PC/laptops or both, you can do this at once and monitor all of them through one centralized web interface.

Download Hoverwatch Phone Tracker

To start using Hoverwatch Phone Tracker, you need to first create an account on Hoverwatch. Download its app & software and install them in target user’s device. The setup process hardly takes 2 minutes. Once it’s done, you can start tracking the device’s activities through your online account at Hoverwatch.

You can signup for free to test the service but in order to use all of the above mentioned features, you need to subscribe Hoverwatch Family or Personal plan. So, pick the plan which suits your needs and start using Hoverwatch Phone Tracker at its full potential. 

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