Top Free iPhone Spy & Monitor Apps To Silently Track Any Person

We have kids, relatives, friends, lover and many other important people for whom we are too much conscious. We care about them and want to protect them from any danger but don’t want to restrict their freedom in doing the same. But, the world is not too nice to ignore the thought of protecting them.

Stalking, sexting and blackmails are happening everywhere. Life-threatening games like Blue Whale and many other Truth & Dare challenges are coming out of to target innocent people. And, almost all of them are occurring online. Websites like TechieJerry are keeping their readers aware of these issues & providing their solutions on regular basis But you should also do your best to keeping your close ones safe. The most effective way you can you can do is to monitor them stealthily.

Many software companies understand this problem and so they have provided some really efficient spy apps and software. For iPhones too, there are lots of spy apps available but don’t get reckless to install any spy apps your find online because most of them do not work efficiently or are pure scam.

So, if you are in serious need, we highly recommend you to check Top 10 iPhone Spy Apps where they have put only the best iPhone Spy & Monitor apps (both free & paid). However, if you’re in hurry and want to check free & affordable iPhone Spy Apps for your light-weight monitoring & tracking tasks then here I am telling about 4 free iPhone Spy and monitor apps to track the target user’s activity on his iPhone.

Mobile Spy

The reason needy people couldn’t buy a spy software because they aren’t available in the free trial. You need to purchase their paid plans in order to even test their service. If this hesitation is holding you back for so long then Mobile Spy is the risk-free spy app you can try right now without paying a penny. Mobile Spy provides 7 days free trial with all features to meet your spying and monitoring needs. Using Mobile Spy, like any other high-quality spy software, you can read communication logs such as call history, text messages, social network chats, Gmail, messengers, look into their contacts, request instant GPS, lock device remotely, monitor PIN messages, and do much more.

All of it you can be done through Mobile Spy web interface. The spy app is however not invisible. It does not even notifies target user that he/she is being monitored.


OwnSpy is another very popular spy app used by professionals and parents. The Spy app is very easy to use. It stays hidden in the target’s device and allows you to control and monitor everything that is happening to the target user’s phone from an easy-to-use web interface. OwnSpy can track installed apps details, perform call recordings, generate screenshots remotely, perform screen recording, initiate 3-way calling, listen live audio of a call/conversation. It can spy on Snapchat, QQ Chat, WeChat and many other messenger services. Using the spy software you can remotely access target user’s browser history, grab photos from his device’s memory and perform many other monitoring tasks.

OwnSpy comes with a free 7-day trial. So, test the software right now to check if it meets your needs and once you’re satisfied, choose any one among its 3 PRO plans according to your requirements.


mSpy is by far the most powerful Spy app which is available for both Android and iOS. The app gets installed on the target user’s phone, silently tracks all of his activities and provide you the access through mSpy online portal. The Spy app is capable to do Geo-fencing, Keylogging, track Wi-Fi networks, Blocking or Apps & Websites, Incoming Call Blocking, Remote Device Lock or Wipe, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Line, Facebook Messenger, Text Messages & MMS, Call History, Contact List, Email, Bookmarks, Web Browser History and many other things.

mSpy is not free. The spy app is paid but the plans are very affordable. And, if you contact their team and ask to for trial they can even provide you the free trial to properly test their spy app.

Bosspy 1mole

1mole is a small spy/monitoring app that you can use in Android or iOS devices to secretly receive data from the targeted device. Once installed, Bosspy 1mole stays hidden in the target user’s device. It is a great app to enforce parental control on your kid’s device or if you want to track your employee’s activity, Bosspy 1mole is just the app you are looking for. It is lightweight but provides all essential spy features such as location tracking, monitor cellphone’s activity, call tracking, SMS tracking, URL tracking, keylogger, etc.

Wrapping It Up

While most of the spy apps charge you to try their service, all of the above-provided spy apps at least provide the option to test their services first. So, feel free to test any of the above-listed spy apps to monitor your kids, employee, relative, fiancé or any other person you like. And, don’t forget to comment which of the above spy apps you liked the most and why!

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