How Cricket Betting Has Evolved

Many people enjoy a wager on cricket, and as things stand right now there are many different ways you can get involved.

It wasn’t always that way though, cricket betting has rapidly evolved over the past 20 years. Gone are the days of betting on a team to win in big games, now you can bet on almost any cricket game taking place and bet in a huge variety of ways.

Cricket is a huge business in India, with millionaires playing the sport, but worldwide there are also many millions spent betting on it.

The thirst for cricket betting has led to the changes and led to the service we have today. This is a simple case of supply and demand; people want to bet so the bookmakers have to supply it.

What they are supplying now is a fantastic service, with the ultimate flexibility to place bets anywhere you like.

Mobile Betting Takes Away the Need for a Computer

We have seen a big change in how people bet over the past few years. This has been due to a big technological push by bookmakers to use everything they have at their disposal, with mobile betting being one of those things.

Those wishing, or needing, to place bets via their mobile phone can now do that. All they need is a connection to the internet and a smartphone capable of downloading and using one of the many mobile apps that are available.

With the ability to place bets from wherever you are, whenever you like, betting has become a whole lot more accessible for players. Gone are the days you need a computer, or even a street bookmaker, now you need nothing but the device in your pocket.

Enhanced Betting Markets to Offer Options

The way in which people can bet has also changed for the good too. There are so many more betting markets available now when you compare the service to what was on offer 20 years ago.

Gone are the days when you are limited, you can place a cricket bet on almost anything. From top scorers to how many wickets a bowler will take, over/under run markets, method of dismissal markets and bets on each session in longer games, there is something for everyone.

Bookmakers have not only created this better platform with their markets but also with their betting offers. At kasyno online, there are some no deposit free bet offers out there that people can claim and use, giving the chance to bet without making a deposit into the account.

These are great to get a feel for the betting platform, to see if you like it and feel comfortable on it or not.

In-Play Betting Opens New Doors

The betting world changed for the better when in-play markets were introduced, and they have really helped shape cricket betting as it is today. Some cricket games last for five days, so it is almost impossible to place all your bets before play begins.

Within play betting, you can watch and bet on each day if you wish. There is also the option to do this on shorter games, while play is taking place or between innings, whenever you feel you have seen something you wish to wager on.

In-play betting has helped many sports create a new way to bet, but one of the most affected of these has to be cricket.

Next man out, runs in the next over, runs off the next ball, over/underruns, fours and sixes are all markets that you can use while betting in play, providing even more depth to the overall service.

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