How to Study for the GRE & Prepare for Exam in 2 Months

GRE stands for Graduate Record Test. It is required when you want to take admission to most graduate schools in the United States and Canada. The GRE is owned and administrated by the Educational Testing Service. Over 7 lakh individuals give GRE and only 12 hundred graduate schools require and accept the GRE.

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It is can be given in online or offline mode. The total composite score of GRE is 120-180. If you want to take the GRE, you need to pay $205. If you are able to clear GRE, it is valid for 5 years. The minimum GRE score that helps you take admission differs from the school and the program that you want to adopt.

So, without focussing on the minimum score it is always good to focus on getting the highest score. Here, I have given some tips and guidelines that will help you in preparing for the GRE examination:-

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1. Learn the format of the GRE exam

First of all, see the format of the GRE exam so that you know what is exactly what you need to study. This means it is required to search about how many sections the exam consists of, the number of questions, and the types of questions that will come in the exam. I have given some of these details:-

Its evaluation consists of three sections – Analytical Writing section, Verbal reasoning section, Quantitative Reasoning Section. The GRE exam consists of 40 questions and the time duration allowed is 3 hours and 45 minutes.

2. Create a self-study plan

It is really hard to study for the GRE exam so we need to have a good self-study plan so to make the preparation easier. Calculate how long you need to do Self Study. Try to devote at least four to five hours on a daily basis for studying for the GRE exam.

It is good if you break down the time duration in blocks means according to sections. In the study plan also write down the material from which you will study so that you will face less disruption when you start studying.

3. Join Coaching for better results

Actually, it is not mandatory to join coaching for preparing for your GRE exam, it depends on you only. Because you know yourself better than others. According to my joining coaching is a better option as one and one makes eleven.

It means Joining coaching for GRE will provide you a mentor who will guide you and teach you things that you may miss without coaching. It is preferred to join the institute with a smaller batch to get more focus and attention from the mentor.

4. Go for good Competition books

Along with the right guidance, we need the right resources that will ensure that you will get all the required information for the examination. Investing your time in the right competition books for GRE will help you in preparing better for GRE  and make the mark. Take regular practice tests from the book. Track your progress and reach the score that you have aimed for.

But before you buy to make sure, it consists of lots of practice set for GRE for each section.

Some of the books are ETS’s official guide to the GE Revised General Test 2nd Edition, Barron’s New GRE 19th Edition, Kaplan New GRE Premier, Princeton Review, etc.

Include time for retakes after practicing to find out where you are lacking actually.

5. GRE Demand more real exam practice

You need to design your study program very wisely. You need to be familiar with the actual test condition. While attempting the practice tests, you need to create an actual test exam environment. While reviewing it to find your score remember not to forget to penalize wrong answers.

6. Focus more on the official content

There are some must-have resources which you need to have, which are as follows- the ETS Official GRE guide, the ETS PowerPrep software, a notebook to keep track of your progress, the official GRE quantitative practice questions, Online magazines, a good dictionary. Make flashcards for improving vocabulary.

7. Read a lot of analytical non-fiction

To crack GRE you need a good quality of reading material. You need to spend your spare time reading non-fiction. You can also take online reading tests twice a day to improve your score.

8. Know your weakness and work on it

There are quite chances that the areas that you really do not like are the areas that you face as most challenging. Know your weakness and work hard on it instead of running away from it. Know the part in which you need to give more time whether it is Quantitative Reasoning, verbal reasoning, or vocabulary.

9. Chart your progress

Charting your progress is necessary to provide an overview to get improvement in your GRE score. It will help you in measuring the progress on a weekly or even daily basis. It will help in tracking your study regimen, and you will be able to find where you need to do the improvement.

 10. Physical and mental preparation

The GRE tests do not just test your verbal and quantitive skills, it also tests the state of your mind and body. You need to focus on your daily regimen equally to stay healthy and positive in attitude.

Audiobooks and youtube may also contribute to your GRE preparation.

YouTube GRE Tutorial

“Ambition is the first step to success, second is the action”. GRE test material cannot be cramp. It is suggested to devote 4 to 12 weeks to GRE exam preparation before the exam.

Get your foundations in place. Familiarize yourself with the GRE exam, its format, its question types, and its scoring. Setting up your schedule, Practicing daily, preparing yourself mentally and physically are some key points that you need to follow to crack the GRE exam.

If you prepare well and properly, you had come off with a much stronger vocabulary and reasoning ability which are a core part of clearing the GRE exam. If you follow the above mention points you will be surprised by your score. Best of luck!

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