Extracurricular Activities for Kids in 2021

Extracurricular activities are the activities exercised by an individual that resides outside the domain of school, college, or any institution which usually involves other of the same age group.

Each extracurricular activity has its own uniqueness and advantage which helps in different prospects of life and improves a kid’s mental and physical strengths. These activities can be of the form:

Extracurricular Activities Kids


  • It is an activity that helps a kid to maintain equipoise and discipline over his or her body.
  • It improves his or her pliability as this is the age of a person where their body can gain pliability easily because after this age the body becomes rigid and therefore allows them to gain balance in life.
  • It helps a kid to relieve their anger as he or she can let their emotions out through dance.
  • It builds up endurance and makes the kid physically strong.


  • It is a sport that helps a kid to gain patience and endurance as these are the basic necessities of this sport.
  • This sport also helps to kid to gain height and increase muscular strength of the whole body as here the kid has to move his or her body piercing water which forces the hands and legs to work at maximum capacity of continuous movements and helps the body to face the harsh splashes of water.


  • This is a sport that helps the kid to seize control over his or her legs and helps him to balance over wheels.
  • It builds up endurance in his or her body which improves the capacity of doing a task. It is a sport that cannot be mastered overnight.
  • Therefore when an individual starts it he or she falls multiple times which makes them physically and mentally strong due to their determination over that sport and its enjoyment.


  • It is a type of activity that helps a kid to release out his or her emotion which he or she cannot express to anyone else.
  • It helps the kids to gain civility and courteousness as this activity forces them to follow the rhythm admired and required.
  • Hence, it also solves the depression problem in today’s youth which is faced by every three youth out of ten.
  • It also helps the child to improve his or her language proficiency.


  • It is an activity that helps a kid to become open-minded about life as in reading he or she reads stories, novels or comics which allows him or her to know different aspects that a story or incident can have for different people.
  • It allows the kid to form their basic perspective of thinking and judging.
  • It also plays a key role in forming his or her
  • It is an important activity as it improves a kid’s knowledge

Watching Educational Shows/Movies:

  • This is an activity that allows kids to learn different things in a more amusing manner which draws their keen interest and when a kid draws its attention towards it gains knowledge that he or she remembers for a very long time.
  • It is an effective method for creating a kid’s interest in a subject or topic.
  • This method is admired by many countries and is used in their educational system as in Japan, the USA which also led to the birth of the idea of smart classes in India.

Outdoor Games:

Each outdoor game has its advantage and effects on the body but overall it leads to:-

  • Improves concentration: As when an individual is engaged in an activity he or she takes interest in, they provide that task their full commitment which allows them to maintain balance in life and improves focus. As when he or she focuses to control that tiny ball or shuttle on a table or in a court, it allows you to train your brain accordingly in every task.

Time management:

  • As in sports, the person tries to perform their best in that limited time which shows that individuals know the importance of time which helps to complete a task inefficiently way.
  • Increased confidence level: When an individual performs tasks under pressure or stress, it increases that individual confidence level.

Indoor Games:

  • Increases Mental Intelligence: Indoor games like chess, puzzle, etc. are the type of games that supports the mental intelligence of a child and helps them improve it.
  • Different perspectives: By these types of games, the child is forced to think from different prospects.For example: – In chess, before taking a single move the individual is forced to think from the opponent’s side as well as his about the move he/she will follow.


  • Affection towards nature: In gardening, kids enjoy their beauty and respect it. In today’s cruel world such respect towards nature is required in order to protect it and maintain the ecological balance. As the level of the forest, degradation is already at its peak.
  • Peaceful mindset: It is nature’s natural beauty as when one connects with it, calms their mind and soul.
  • Science / DIY Projects:
  • Practical Knowledge: When kids take part in science or DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects by the information they possess then kids enjoy and gain knowledge and improve their concepts after having practical knowledge in their respective subjects.

Kids Gardening

For kid’s growth & Their addiction to phones…..

Earlier extracurricular activities were the only source of entertainment as there was no TV, mobiles, laptops, etc. Children used to follow some of the above mention activities, actually, these were helpful too for them at later stages. But in today’s modern world, none of the kids is happy doing any kind of physical work because of their affection for comfort which has to turn out to be a great deal of effect on them.

This affectionless comfort is created by technology and one of its major setbacks is the “Mobile phones”. Kids nowadays are fully disconnected from such extracurricular activities. Not only this the excessive use of these mobile phones leads to increasing loneliness and depression, fueling rage and anxiety, increasing mental stress, Exacerbating attention deficit disorders, demolishes your ability to concentrate and think, and last but not the least sleep deprivation.

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