How to Write an Effective Marketing Article


Marketing articles can be thought of as pieces of high-quality information that can be posted on a range of channels, including news websites, e-marketing directories, company websites, social media and guest-posting sites.

The main objectives behind writing digital marketing articles include:

  1. Attracting incoming links to the website.
  2. Improving organic search results.
  3. Increasing targeted traffic from relevant websites.
  4. Making a website more useful and unique (educating, entertaining, and informing the readers).
  5. Building awareness and reputation for a brand.


Below is a step by step guide on how to write a marketing article-

1. Creating the content

Any article we write for marketing your business should have some underlying value. This means that we don’t want to develop keyword-stuffed articles for the sake of it. Instead, the digital marketing articles should be rich with essential information and guidance. Typically, the best articles include plenty of actionable information, as well as answers to specific questions.

2. Getting to the point

The main priority to keep in mind while writing digital articles is choosing the length. Our article should get to the point as quickly as possible. The audience should be able to see the value that we’re offering them in the first paragraph, and keep providing value throughout.

One of the differences between blogging and article writing is that articles are often longer than a standard blog. However, it’s important to get the length of our piece right if we want to make the right impression on our audience. Articles that are overly short will be ignored by our customers, while pieces that are too long will struggle to retain their attention.

3. Creating links

Most effective marketing articles will include some back links that lead the reader to other pages on the website. Inserting these links is a delicate balancing act, between giving the customers the extra information they need, and overwhelming them with too many distractions

It must be made sure that we choose links carefully, in a way that gives our article authority, relevance, and extra value for the customers.

4. Offer actionable advice

Article writing is basically intended as a way for businesses to show their unique knowledge online. Typically, that means that we’ll need to focus on delivering plenty of actionable advice. Address the question that you’re going to answer for your customer in the first sentence of your article, and follow on with a simple format.

Once the tone for the article is set with powerful intro, we can use the body of the piece to offer advice, instructions, and other pertinent information.

5. Using the right keywords

Article writing and thought leadership articles can serve a way to expand our SEO copywriting opportunities too. While we’re concentrating on delivering great content, we can incorporate keywords and keyword phrases properly, so that we can rank well with the major search engines.

Keyword phrases continue to be an important element of marketing articles, but it’s important to make sure that we don’t let our desire to rank overwhelm our writing which may make our content will end up looking cluttered and unnatural.

6. Getting published

An article can offer some of the most useful information on the internet, but if it’s never found by the search engines, and our customers, then it’s useless. Marketing is all about making sure that we get our content in front of the public. Article submission sites can be a good tool for this. One can also combine his article writing solutions with blogging to help get a more comprehensive content strategy going.

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