Most Interesting Facts About Online Gaming Today

We all love gaming. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be here. The tension, graphics, soundtracks, storylines, and thrills make you want to keep playing. It doesn’t matter what games you love. Multi-players, first shooters, card games, puzzles—every gamer enjoy playing.

But underneath the addictive games that keep you behind your computer are interesting facts you probably didn’t know. Here are some of them.

Can Slow Down Aging

Want to stay younger for longer? Play more video games. According to a study published in the Huffington Post, gaming for 10 hours is enough to slow down your aging process. The research was conducted on 681 people aged 50 years and above by the University of Lowa.

Within six weeks, people who played video games regularly showed signs of cognitive improvement. The ability to stay young increased as individuals engaged in more gaming. People who played a few more hours per day had better memories and better hand to eye coordination.

Makes you Smarter

If anyone has called you stupid before for being a gamer, show them this fact. In several studies done on different types of players, gamers become smarter the more they play. Different games impact different parts of the brain though. If you love strategy games, gaming will help you become a better critical thinker. Puzzle games improve your memory.

Because of the quick decisions gamers make on the screen, they are fast thinkers. Viewing the graphics change in split seconds and making quick decisions increase the part of your brain that enables critical thinking. Of course, you won’t become a book genius by playing. But gaming combined with hard work can make you smarter than non-gamers.

Online Games Relax and Improve your Mood

Gamers have already experienced this. When you play passionately, you end up feeling relaxed. Sometimes losing can make you feel frustrated. But most are the times you feel better after gaming.

Feeling angry? Get out your PC and engage in your favorite game. Whether it’s a multiplayer or a puzzle game, your mood is bound to improve. Recent studies related to gaming find a link between online gaming and mood relief. As you engage your mind in gaming activities, the part of your brain that makes you angry loosens up. You forget about your frustrations and a new feel-good hormone is released. Within a few hours of gaming, you won’t even remember you were angry before.

Online Gaming can improve your Social Skills

Gamers are expected to be antisocial and socially awkward. Studies disagree.  According to a study done in Canada and the UK, online gamers are articulate people who can socialize and interact with others in real life. Considering pop-culture tends to display gamers as anti-social, that’s an interesting fact.

It may be true that a lot of gamers aren’t talkative, but it’s false to say all gamers can’t socialize. Many players who flock for games are mostly regular people. They have day jobs and families but also happen to play for the thrills or compete for money.

Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Gaming can improve your Do-it-Yourself skills. From plumbing to carpentry, shooting to driving, playing is not just good for passing time. Almost every study done to prove the theory had a positive result. People who participated in gaming were better off at hand-eye jobs.

Helps Increase Perseverance

How many times have you lost in a game and never given up? For many gamers, that’s an everyday situation. Losing is part of gaming unless you play very simple games. Yet, most of us come back and try our luck in winning another time.

When applied to real-life situations, gaming instills tenacity. It helps you overcome challenges and face day to day failures with perseverance.

Gamers are Risk Takers

For a casino gamer, taking risks is the only way to win. For video gamers, taking risks can make the difference between winning and losing. With experience, all gamers learn to take calculated risks.

In some situations, being a risk taker may be dangerous. Drivers, for example, are never encouraged to take risks with their lives or anyone else’s. But in business and other scenarios, being a risk taker can be a good thing. It helps you believe in your decisions and invest in them.

Interestingly, studies related to whether gaming encourages people to risk their lives when driving has been positive. The percentage of gamers who also drive dangerously was low. Instead, the study found out that many careless drivers had low beliefs about their driving skills. There was no correlation between gaming and causing accidents in real life.

Over 50% of Casino Gamers Play Online

Although land-based casinos make billions of dollars every year, most casino players prefer online gambling. They are convenient; games are exciting and accessible.  Except for the casino atmosphere experience, online gaming seems to be much better in every other way.

Some platforms have 1000+ games, all accessible to players around the world. If you want to play for money worth thousands, you don’t have to carry sacks of money. A simple credit card payment gives you enough cash to play all your favorite games. Add the ease of accessing accounts, bonuses, and personalized support. Online gaming has become better and more appealing to players in general.

Even with video gaming, a high percentage of players prefer online gaming over offline PC or console gaming. There are more thrills, competition and rewards among games played online.

Perhaps the increasing interest has helped the eSports industry rise. Within one decade of becoming a mainstream sport, eSports is already attracting hundreds of millions of viewers. Last year, 350 million fans viewed online gaming competitions. Among the players, more than 2000 won real money prizes. The top tier gamers earned in excess of $1,000,000 each.

To Conclude

As more studies are done, more information about online gaming is coming out. Falsehoods are being dispelled and gamers are getting the respect they deserve. Online gaming is growing rapidly and producing a lot of professionals in general. Within the next decade, gaming is likely to become an Olympic sport.

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM &, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.