IOBit $150,000+ Prizes available with Back to School Giveaway

IOBit, the world renowned brand especially popular among gamers and power users of Windows PC has come with really exciting news. They’ve launched IOBit 2022 Back to School Giveaway where prizes worth over $150,000 are available to grab. This includes IOBit Advanced SystemCare 15 PRO, Driver Booster 9 PRO, VPN, Amazon gift cards, Apple iPad worth $479 and much more!

I am so pumped up to join this giveaway and I am sure, you are too. However, before jumping straight to the giveaway, let’s take a moment to talk about the new and improved IOBit Advanced SystemCare 15 which, in my eyes is a fantastic steal whether you grab its free version, PRO version or win the software from the giveaway.

IObit Back to School Giveaway

IOBit Advanced SystemCare 15

A PC optimization software is a must-have tool for any computer user. Nowadays, more and more companies are trying to track your activities online, websites & apps are using more intrusive and spammy ads, many web apps are even trying to install malware or mining software on your PC stealthy, new software and even newer versions of old software are demanding extra space both in your hard disk as well as RAM. And finally, as most of the good PCs and laptops are now coming with SSDs instead of HDDs, there is a good chance that you have even less storage space available than you previously had with on old laptops or PCs to spare.

So, in general, as the risk to our privacy & our system is increasing, everything is demanding more and more resources from our systems, we ourselves are more in need to keep our PC at its quintessential performance with the fastest internet connection, it has become most important to get a good PC optimizer.

And, if you ask any experienced Windows user about their favorite PC optimization software available out there, they will always recommend Advanced SystemCare by IOBit. Why so? Well, there are so many good reasons which I have discussed below. Scroll down to read!

IOBit ASC 15

IOBit Advanced SystemCare 15 is the most comprehensive and powerful PC optimization software available in the market which optimizes your PC for its best performance using hundreds of different optimization factors. A little demonstration of its capability can be very well seen in this screenshot I inserted above. Here, I have scanned a new laptop that I am using for less than a week for very light tasks and IOBit ASC 15 was still able to find out 5732 issues that needed to be fixed immediately. This was a quick scan that took hardly 2 mins (1 min 53 secs to be precise). Let’s now focus on the main areas where this software delivers –

Privacy & Security

Google, Amazon, your social media accounts, Netflix, thousands of advertisers, millions of websites, everybody wants to track you. They want to know your hobbies, interests, mood, nature, food choices, style, fears, insecurities, everything. They want to know you more about you than your best friends and definitely a lot more than you are comfortable sharing. Advanced SystemCare acts as a shield, it blocks all the trackers from your browser, removes privacy traces & kicks out malware trackers from your system.

It goes the extra length to strengthen your system firewall, scan spyware, identify malicious software and malicious activities of already installed software to make sure that none of your private data gets leaked or makes its way out of the system without your permission.

System CleanUp

The amount of junk data or cache an average software used to store in your PC to appear faster has increased and so, each new software puts more stress on your PC. IOBit Advanced SystemCare scans the whole PC for junk files whether they are available in system volume information, %temp, Program Data, Recycle Bin, or any other random location which is either hidden or unlisted. ASC removes all the junk files & folders, cache & cookies, even browsing history, older settings, and registry entries that have become dormant.

You can of course choose what you want to delete and what not but if you allow the software to do its task properly, it will free up so many GBs of your disk space that is occupied by plain junk.

Performance Booster

IOBit Advanced SystemCare is known best for its powerful performance booster. The software uses smart algorithms to free up system resources such as RAM, pagefiles, CPU processes, and Disk I/O that you will notice an instant boost in your PC performance of up to 25% after its performance optimization.

ASC 15 applies both immediate and long-term optimization to your PC software and prioritizes system resources for specific software and their certain activities to guarantee your system stays at its top-notch performance for the longest time possible. It even suggests what startup items to remove and when you defrag your hard disk, give a special boost to games so that you don’t feel even a slight lag even in the most demanding time of your PC use.

ASC Defrag

System Updates

Whether a new update is available for your system, driver or any new version of installed software is available online, ASC will immediately let you know when while scanning. It even allows you to update that software or install system update from ASC itself so that you don’t need to locate the software folder to install the update.

Clean & Boost Your PC with AI

IOBit Advanced SystemCare 15 has arrived with Artificial Intelligence which has given it several advantages in comparison to the previous version. The software automatically learns from your habits and adapts accordingly. When you scan your PC for the first time, the software will ask you to choose what you want to fix and what you don’t. After that, it learns from your behavior and implements your preference, priorities, and routine in other areas of its optimization as well. So, after a few runs, it will personalize its settings according to your choices.

Win IOBit Advanced SystemCare 15 PRO & Other Gifts

Now, you can clearly see why IOBit Advanced SystemCare 15 is such a big deal for me and it should be for you as well. IOBit ASC 15 is available in free version, PRO version which are properly priced but right now, you can get it for free along with many other gifts that I discussed starting with IOBit Back to School Giveaway.

So, enter now, and ask your friends to join this giveaway as well because among the gifts of over $150,000 I can see the perfect gift for everybody!!

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