IP2Proxy: Scan & Authenticate Visitor’s IP Addresses Automatically

There was a time when you would see an IP address online on your website, you knew it’s a visitor or potential customer. Nowadays, not only real users but search engine crawlers, web hosts, automatic scrapping & spamming software, website analyzer and hackers are trying to access your website. Many of these services are using anonymous proxies, VPN, Tor browser and fake IP addresses not only to hide their real identity but also to bypass your website’s firewall, inject harmful scripts, spam, overload server and ultimately hack your website, web service or stored database information.

Your website & app is getting tons of hits from all these IP addresses daily. So, it’s very important to scan each of these IP addresses, verify them for their authenticity and allow only those which you think are real visitors and verified crawlers. Blocking all the suspicious IP addresses will itself make your website, it’s data and users over 70% safe against all sorts of attacks and spams. Moreover, it will drop your website’s bandwidth, CPU, threads and overall resources usage significantly.

It’s a win-win but how to identify suspicious IP addresses? Easy, via IP2Proxy service by IP2Location.

IP2Proxy by IP2Location

What is IP2Proxy?

IP2Proxy is the most robust proxy detection database service provided by IP2Location which is already a reputed name online and the primary destination for millions of users to authenticate any suspicious-looking IP address.

The IP2Proxy database contains a vast list of IP addresses used as VPN anonymizer, open proxies, web proxies, data center IP addresses, Search engine crawlers, web hosting services and it is updated with the latest list of proxies every 24-hours. So, once you connect your web app with IP2Proxy, it will automatically cross-check every incoming IP address with the database and allow you to get detailed information about any specific IP address.

Features of IP2Proxy Database

IP2Proxy is not only good enough to identify fake or suspicious IP addresses but it is also capable of providing very detailed information about any specific IP address whether it is a real one or someone’s cover. The database is itself very huge and contains lots of attributes for any IP address. You can fetch the following information about an IP address:

  • Country – The country of origin of the IP address
  • Proxy Type – Whether it is HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS, SSL, FTP, Anonymous
  • Region & City – Precise location data
  • ISP – The Internet Service Provider
  • Domain – The domain of origin
  • Usage Type – 12 Logged proxy behaviors (Commercial, Organizational, Government, Library, University, etc.)
  • ASN – IP networks & routers collection identifier
  • Last Seen – last seen proxy online timestamp

When you have all this data in your hands, you can always trace what external threats are approaching your business and be prepared for it accordingly.

Accessing IP2Proxy Database

IP2Location provides a different level of access to its IP2Proxy database according to your plan. There are a total of 8 plans from PX1 to PX8 and the access right goes from IP & Country for PX1 all the way up to PX8 which is capable of providing IP, ProxyType, Country, Region, City, ISP, Domain, Usage Type, ASN, LastSeen information instantly.

This is a great advantage in case you don’t want all the attributes but only partial data from the IP2Proxy database because it will save you reasonable amount of money while providing enough features to safeguard website & web service against any suspicious activity, logging, tracking, scrapping and spamming.

Plan Comparison

Additional Features

If you are a web developer or you have a team of them, you can automate the task to download the latest list of IP addresses from IP2Proxy database in every 24 hours and connect it with your service to shield it from unnatural IP accesses.

The IP2Proxy is essentially a database service which uses a proprietary detection algorithm to scan IP addresses and then generates an up-to-date list of IP addresses which is available to download. However, if you want a hosted service, you can subscribe to the IP2Proxy Proxy Detection Web Service.


IP2Proxy is an essential service for website owners, web app developers, online gaming servers, web services, government, institutes, medical and practically all the services that require serious work, store customer data and have an expensive business model. If your business model is similar, I recommend you to go for PX5 or above access plans because all those plans contain deep insights of an IP address which can really affect your business.

Visit IP2Proxy Proxy Detection web page and grab the plan that suits your business needs.

Pursuing MCA from the University of Delhi, Saurabh Saha is an experienced blogger and internet marketer. Through his popular technology blogs: TechGYD.COM & Sguru.org, he is helping several brands to gain exposure in front of high-quality web visitors.