Is crypto still a good investment in 2021?

If you have not been living under a rock, you know the answer to the question in the world of trading is a YES! The major reason behind this is how bitcoin, the leading and the first cryptocurrency, was recently declared the highest performing ROI investment. Since its inception only in 2009, it has taken markets by storm and one dollar invested in BTC in 2010 amounts to $90000 right now – and yes, there are 4 zeroes after 9. We’re not making that up for our benefit or yours!

The CNN was the first to divulge the data, at the end of 2020, and has often even compared cryptocurrencies to digital gold – and said of the two, there’s no doubt bitcoin is doing way better and would continue to, until the last bitcoin is mined.

2017 was an incredible year where the returns were unprecedented and even when the stock market closed for the pandemic, bitcoin continued to have unbelievable profits. If you’re still wondering why bitcoin or cryptocurrency is a good investment in 2021, let us tell you:


1. Global adoption of cryptocurrency is at an all-time high

Truth be told, no longer is bitcoin or cryptocurrency just relegated to the biggest investors and capitalist giants. It is getting more and more mainstream with countries lifting bans and regulations on the usage of cryptocurrency, the opening of ATM kiosks for bitcoins as well as more and more shopping platforms accepting it as a viable mode of payment. All these reasons are making cryptocurrency globally adopted and it is more usable in daily life, and that’s what attracts more and more investors, and says that you’re supposed to be reaping benefits in the future. This year, even PayPal will start accepting payments in bitcoin and this is all just a great start to many more journeys!

2. In the macroclimate of today, its value works

Well, as governments fail, banks go bankrupt, and interest rates hit an alarming lowest, bitcoin continues to grow – and ensure profits and returns – that is steady and unprecedented for the better. Experts believe that bitcoin is taking over the role gold played in 1970. As fiat money is growing in quantity with all its quality deprecating steadily, cryptocurrency, or bitcoin, remains scarce – and hence its value increases and never plummets! The demand of bitcoin is rising, but after the 21 million bitcoins have been mined, and there still exists supply – only the ones holding bitcoin can sell them – and that increases chances of profits to an extreme huge – so while there’s still digital currency to invest in, in the form of bitcoin, we think you must get in the race too and take one for your children and future investors where they would be kings of the world.

3. Even Wall Street is saying let’s go crypto

Isn’t that saying a lot about whether you should learn cryptocurrency even this year? Well, good for the believers who believed in the impact of a digital currency early on, bitcoin has aged well – and so has the future of cryptocurrencies, but with its waging popularity at present, we think, that this wave would only create further waves. Now that it has become the highest performing ROI it would continue to be so for the next couple of years – hence you must jump in the bandwagon now and believe in the cryptocurrencies for it will be a long time when the banks agree to bring a down to the quantitative easing policies they have undertaken.

4. It took a price crash, recovered and reach an all-time high

If that says anything about the cryptocurrencies, it’s the fact that this currency knows how to take a blow and be back with a bang – the opportunities that cryptocurrencies provide for a decentralized economy with no mediators, no regulations and no overwhelming fees or bureaucratic delays and interferences is one of the major reasons why we should let this chain of investments change our future and the economy for the better. In the last decade, bitcoin has been reported to be dead 383 times by the media – can you believe the number? At the end of the decade, media houses claim that it is the highest performing ROI investment for a dollar invested in 2010 yielded $90000 and yes! In December 2020 it reached an all-time high surpassing its mark of $20,000 per coin value of 2017. Now that gold is stalling in global markets, it is very possible that cryptocurrencies are the ultimate rulers. If you don’t believe us, why not have a look at the reliable TrustPedia website which helps you compare all financial services, so that you can invest in the very best? Well – it does more – it matches your requirements to the right services and companies. Well, yes, it is Tinder – but for your investments!

Disha Verma is a Mass Media student from International School of Business & Media (ISBM). She lives in Maharastra, India and loves to write articles about Internet & Social Media. When she is not writing, you can find her hanging out with friends in the coffee shop downstreet or reading novels in the society park.