How to Anonymously Send/Receive Money Online?

Privacy is dead – because our privacy is public in the digital age. And, guess that it can’t be great for us. All the monetary transactions you do online are being supervised by the government, and everyone’s keeping an eye on you always so that puts a lot of limitations on how much you can send or receive, and also the sources you’re receiving money from – they are also under scrutiny. Now, is there a way to bypass the big brother?

Well – we’d say yes! There are many ways available to people on how to anonymously send or receive money online, and you might just be one of the folks who hasn’t discovered the trick yet. It’s really simple, read on:

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1. Cryptocurrency

This can be completely anonymous, and it is widely popular online. Cryptocurrencies operate in the way that there’s no centralized authority keeping a ledger on you or you don’t need any third-party interference to send or receive money. The most popular cryptocurrency is bitcoin, and bitcoin is extremely popular because it enjoys transfer to another party within a matter of minutes, without any fees or delays. It is direct and relies on a private key, and it is verified in the ledger – though you might have to sign up on the wallets with private information to verify your legitimacy, it still maintains that the transactions that happen in the crypto world are private and anonymous. Though they are verified to give them an amount of legitimacy, it does not encroach on your privacy in any way as the fiat currency does. There’s a new cryptocurrency coming into the world from China, called E-Yuan and it allows the anonymous transfer of funds in a matter of minutes. It is just coming into the market and hence, its price is affordable unlike the very popular cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereal – so it would be a smart option to invest in this one, and trade anonymously online using it. If you like what you’re reading and would be interested to know more, why don’t you head on to the official site and try it for yourself?

2. Disposable credit cards

Well, believe it or not – its only con is it is only available online – but isn’t that what you’re looking for? So, it hardly has any cons. Now, let’s get to the pros. You’re using your regular credit account, to make payments online with a credit card number that isn’t yours – so that’s how you become anonymous when you are sending or receiving money. It does not reveal your actual credit card number in any way, and yes that is 100 percent right. In case there are data breaches happening, you are fully protected because like a VPN, this masks your real identity. So, it can be called the VPN of the monetary world. Isn’t that impressive? When you think you’re done with your transactions or your account is on the verge of a compromise, you can just close your online account – and boom, you’re out! There’s no difficulty and it is as simple as it sounds. These cards can only be used online because the cards being used are virtual and they have no physical or tangible existence.

3. Prepaid gift cards

This is only applicable if you are looking for an offline method – and well, these are available at gas stations and retail shops, and they allow you to buy these prepaid gift cards which you can later use to pay for stuff, and once you have the cards, you’re pretty much anonymous – even to buy the prepaid gift cards in the first place, you don’t need any ID proof and it is a very full-proof process that ensures anonymity every step of the way.

4. Paysafecard

This is an online app that is globally available barring a few countries like the US and Canada. What this allows you to do is obviously make transactions online that are completely anonymous. As a user, you will be allowed to look for merchants who are selling prepaid vouchers and once you get hold of them, you’re in for a delight. This app actually claims to be the most anonymous online method of monetary transactions, and facilitating them – and if you are paying for large items, you are free to combine up to 10 PINs for the same purpose. You need internet and proper connectivity for it, and that goes without saying. These vouchers are highly popular in Europe – and people are using them all the time, so they are 100 percent reliable in ways more than one. Get on the mobile app, and find retailers around you to get hold of the vouchers and then practically rule the online monetary world – but hidden from clear view! Be a mystery, and enjoy being one with this one online app!

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