Laser Therapy, Mowing Through Unwanted Follicles

Body hair has always been an obsession for women and in some cases men since a long time now. A lot of women have managed to move a few paces ahead from the preliminary waxing stage to lasers. Initially, what was a minor change from the regular waxing to spot hair removal, laser therapy has been promising in promoting the ‘clean’ look.

If you’re looking at laser therapy as a service you seek; it pays to look up some information on the subject. With several options, both affordable and pricey; laser therapy is more seemingly permanent in nature. Waxing and shaving though will still persist for those mustering the strength to go in for a laser session. Motivating people with its more permanent attitude, laser therapy services come with a certain list of choices that can be a lot friendlier.

Laser Therapy

Laser and its penetrating effects

The logic of lasers works with using laser light into heat. This targets the hair follicles and ultimately the hair bulb. A sharp and penetrated arc of pain cuts through the pigment in the hair. While the process may be super fast and at times, a tad painful, especially around sensitive areas like the nose, chin and the temples; the effect is permanent. The skin around the aforementioned areas is relatively thin which can be tackled with the cooler mechanism. In this case, the blast of penetrated air is cooler, a complete solace from the regular affair. 

The effects of laser therapy come in much later. You can be sure of seeing some change in about two or three weeks after your first sitting. For a complete and new ‘you’, the results come in much later, about a month or three depending on your frequency of sittings. Generally, it takes about 8-12 weeks before you see the complete result. The reason this differs is that hair follicles are all at different growth stages before the introduction of the laser.

Does researching the types of laser therapy help?

It sure does. While there are certain pros and cons for the treatment, laser therapy is known to mandate a certain set of before and after rules. For instance, one needs to at all costs avoid the UV rays of the sun. This holds good for regular gym goers; especially those gyms that offer sauna services, hot showers and basically all possible adoptions that can affect the laser treatment. The general opinion that holds this argument is that a warm environment is a breeding ground for bacteria that thrive and give you spots. If you are consulting a professional-like Therapie Clinic and serious outcomes are your goal; then make sure the doctor is informed of your list of holidays. A tan acquired in the sun can corrode the effects of the laser session.

A lot of people in their tryst for the best beauty treatments go in for chemical peels. The doctor always suggests that scrubs, glycolic acid and retinol creams and fake tans are something that you must avoid. Often 2-week breaks before and after the treatment are considered best for viewing the laser results. 

The obsession with unwanted body hair has always ridden high amongst several popular beauty treatments. It would be interesting to note that despite advanced laser therapies and medical treatments, laser treatments may or may not be a full-proof method of getting rid of body hair. Fluctuating hormones could be a reason. Sporadic hair growth may be another. It’s always a good idea for patients to turn to a dermatologist with their previous medical history if any to receive the appropriate treatment. Besides the cost factor, different lasers react differently. In such a situation, it’s not rare to find most doctors advise you to consider all types of lasers before selecting one that suits you. 

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