8 Major Establishments Accepting Payments in Bitcoin

There have been a lot of changes in the financial world and one of the major change-bringer is the bitcoin. Over the past few years, this cryptocurrency has become insanely popular. Several companies have now started accepting payments in bitcoins. That means, if you have got some bitcoins then you can buy products and services by spending them. Many big brands and platforms have started accepting bitcoins now. Although, not only online services but even offline shops and stations can be seen accepting payments in bitcoins.

Future holds many amazing things for this digital currency, as explain in the Letsgobitcoin blog. Let’s have a look at the 8 major establishments which are now accepting payments in bitcoins.

bitcoin accepted

1. Microsoft

The tech giant identified Bitcoin as an acceptable currency. You can pay for Microsoft products using Bitcoins.

Microsoft’s Azure blockchain platform is based on the principles of bitcoin to provide better financial management to companies.

2. Expedia

Yes, you can book hotels at Expedia with bitcoins. Expedia collaborated with Coinbase to incorporate bitcoins into its system. Right now, you can only book hotels at Expedia with bitcoins but soon the facility will be expanded to book flights too.

3. Overstock

Buy everything at Overstock with Bitcoin now. From television to mobile phones, clothes to jewelry, everything can be purchased using Bitcoins. Not only bitcoins but many other cryptocurrencies are acceptable too.

Add all the desired products to the shopping cart and at the time of checkout pay via Bitcoins.


4. Shopify

The e-commerce platform that lets merchants to set up their own online shops is also accepting Bitcoin payments with the help of Bitpay. It actually started accepting Bitcoins in 2013, making itself one of the first e-commerce establishments to accept Bitcoins.

5. Steam

This gaming platform has teamed up with BitPay to facilitate bitcoin payments for the gamers. The users can now access and purchase games via Bitcoins.

6. Newegg

Newegg the electronic e-commerce giant also started accepting payments via bitcoins after partnering with BitPay. However, you cannot purchase every item via Bitcoins. There are still some restrictions on items like Marketplace items, Subscription orders, Pre-orders, Return shipping labels, Marketplace items, etc.


7. Dish

The satellite television and internet provider Dish has been accepting bitcoins since August 2014. It is the first subscription-based television services provider to have incorporated Bitcoins so far. For its digital currency transactions, it has partnered with Coinbase.

8. eGifter

Even if you cannot use bitcoins at every online platform you can buy the gift cards at eGifter with Bitcoins and then use these gift cards to pay for services at various platforms. The gift cards from eGifter will work at Amazon, Sephora, Home Depot, Kohl’s and more.

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