6 Ways to Make Your Customers Happy Over the Phone 

Growing companies understand the value of an efficient virtual receptionist. It is necessary to have one that provides solid connections, is a good listener, and asks the right questions while also giving useful answers.

And more often, 0808 numbers are the popular choice for businesses in the UK for customers to call. It is a unique and popular line on cNumber that doesn’t charge the customer that is calling 0808 number.

But instead charges the business. It is often preferred because they save customers money and encourages more sales. For those looking for more information and like cNumber as a provider, make sure to visit the main website.

Here are six tips that can help businesses deliver great service& make customers happy over the phone –

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1. Be Warm and Friendly

For any conversation, the greeting and introduction part is really important. Greet customers in a friendly manner, introduce oneself and ask for the customer’s name. Keep the tone of voice clear, don’t speak too loud or in a tone that is inaudible.

2. Listen Carefully

Listening attentively is a vital part of any phone conversation. Listening to customers will help 0808 users figure out their needs and grievances. While handling customer calls, pay attention to every single word the customers say.

Never interrupt in the middle and make sure not to ask the clients to repeat a sentence. Be a good listener to customers over the phone and give them the feeling that the company will help them in every possible way.  It will also help if you allot a room for customer service and away from other departments. Call center services in the Philippines, for example, make sure that every room the agent uses are noise-free and comfortable. This way, every employee will be able to listen to their customers clearly and without interruption.

3. Be Empathetic and Patient

Handling irate customers can be tough. There are callers who may ask the same thing repeatedly or even be really rude and abusive. Handling such calls requires empathy and patience.

Always converse with frustrated customers in an empathetic tone, be patient, and never respond back in a rude manner. Also, never hang up if a customer yells, that’s important.

4. Offer a Positive Tone When Speaking

Keep all customer service conversations pleasant by using considerate words and phrases. Avoid using phrases like “I don’t think so”, “There is nothing I can do” and “It’s against our policies and rules.” Use simple and positive words like “please” or “I’ll take care of it immediately”.

And also avoid using technical terms and jargon.

5. At The End of the Call, Try To Be Memorable

A customer service call should always end on a pleasant note and always encourage callers to stay in touch. Never use a written script for any customer service calls.

Instead, focus on making conversations more interactive. Users can do this by communicating amicably with clients and making them feel how important they are for the business.

6. Always Be Consistent With the Calling Experience

The inability to consistently deliver exceptional customer service can be problematic. That said, businesses can prevent such issues by creating reliable policies for all calls. Such as; addressing a customer by name and using similar verbiage to ensure the call progresses positively.

Ensuring customers are happy and satisfied means being consistent and delivering on that service every single time.


By following these tips, all 0808 cNumber users can confidently upgrade their customer service and business’s image exponentially.

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