How to Use Customer Reviews to Boost Sales

With the internet revolution and technology providing each of use with an online research tool in our pockets, your mobile telephone. It is not surprising that consumers are doing more research on services, products and companies before deciding who to buy from. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to stand out above your competitors as this is an area often neglected.

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1. Ask for reviews

Many of your clients are probably happy with your work, products and or services. They will be happy to give a review or testimonial of their experience. Positive reviews can be very valuable to your business, as they can act as a persuasive influence on potential clients. The first aspect for a potential client to consider when reading a review is whether or not it is genuine. You are able to easily address this concern by hiring a third-party review site to collect and publish your reviews.

By using an independent review site to request and publish your reviews, prospective buyers will give more credibility to their reviews. They other serval tools to automate this process for you, for example, if you offer courier services you can automate review requests to be sent the next day after the work is done. These sites normally have high ranking domains and their results will usually rank on page one for your business. As a result, prospective clients can quickly read reviews about your company when researching it.

2. Use social media to promote your positive reviews

Whilst many prospective buyers will search for your reviews online, some will not. So, it makes sense to promote the positive feedback that you get. A great place to do this is on social media. If your business operates a Facebook page or a twitter account, then it is very easy to public quote a great review and thanks the client for leaving it. For example, if a client thanks DHL for delivering a parcel to USA on time. If DHL highlights their comments on social media they will be seen and read by other prospective clients searching for information about them or their services to America.

3. Display your best reviews and average review score on your website

You can display your product reviews and service reviews on specific pages of your website against the services or products that they apply to. As a result, you will be able to use your good reviews as a high authority trusted source of recommendation helping you to close the sale.

You should continue to display positive reviews on your check out pages, as this will help to reduce the number of clients dropping out at this stage.

4. Answer all your feedback

Replying to review feedback is both polite and shows your company in a good light. It also gives you the opportunity to address any negative feedback left, putting your side of what happened in public view. As long as you act professionally this should always show your company as caring and a few negative reviews help to show that the reviews from genuine users.

5. Go the extra mile

In the age of instant information that we enjoy, it is not the only price that clients make a decision on when they choose who to buy from. The also consider service and feedback. Usually, clients can find similar products or services for less, but these suppliers are not always winning the business. A lot of this comes down to the recommendation and experiences of others. Therefore, ensuring that you offer a high level of service and do not misrepresent your products or services will be a factor that reviews can help you promote and win more business. This is especially important if you are building a small business or looking to be successful online.

I hope that you find this information on why gathering reviews are important and how to use them useful and that you go on to use your reviews to build your sales.

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