How to Make Your Podcast Popular on iTunes

Podcasts are one of the most popular media channel right now. Many students or employees who commute on daily basis, prefer to listen to podcasts on their commute time on the topics they love. There is a huge demand of listeners who are looking to subscribe to a quality podcast in the topics of their interest.

So, if you’ve launched your podcast recently on Apple iTunes and aren’t getting much plays then, know that there are huge amount of customers there but you need to know how to reach them to make it popular. Each different type of podcast need different techniques or unique mix of some known podcast tricks to make them hit. In this article, we’re gonna see what are the different type of podcasts as well as how to best make these iTunes podcasts popular.


Enhanced podcasts

  • Also known as slidecast and was first used in 2006.
  • Combines dynamically-generated imagery with audio synchronization with the help of presentation software.
  • Used in the business field and education field.
  • Created by using Quicktime AAC or Windows Media Files.

Fiction podcasts

  • Also known as scripted podcast or narrative podcast. Deliver a fictional story related to science, horror, romance, comedy, drama etc. in multiple episodes and seasons.
  • Uses multiple voice actors, dialogue, sound effect and music to enrich the story.

Podcast novels

  • Also known as serialized audio books or podcast audio books are literary fiction recorded into episodes.
  • Mostly uses a single narrator with few or no sound effects.
  • Novelists use type to build audiences without publishing their novels.

Video podcasts

  • Contains video content.
  • Dead End Days released in 2003 was the first video podcast.

Live podcasts

Recorded in front of a live audience. E.g.: The London Podcast Festival, SF Sketchfest.

Apple released iTunes in 2001. It is application software that acts as a media player, media library, mobile device management utility and the client app for the iTunes Store. It allows computer users to purchase, download and manage audio content, video content, applications and other media files. Now, Apple iTunes is known as Apple Podcast.

Apple Podcasts is the most popular way to reach your podcast to a large number of audiences because apple podcast is the most popular podcast directory. One should follow the following steps to add his/her podcast to iTunes.

Record Podcast -> Complete Podcast Details -> Choose a Podcast Hosting Platform-> Retrieve RSS feed URL -> Download and Create an iTunes Account-> Submit Podcast to Podcasts Connect -> Wait for approval

Podcasts are hosted on streaming applications such as Spotify, Stitcher, iTunes, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts. Apple iTunes is close-lipped about their podcast ranking algorithm and released limited information on how to rank your podcast. In this article, I will outline some tips and tricks by using which one can make his/her podcasts popular on iTunes.

  1. Create attention grabbing cover art- Cover art is used as the thumbnail of a podcast and it creates the first impression in the audience mind about your podcast so always try to create a bold and distinct design according to iTunes guidelines.
  2. Choose a memorable name – Try to give a unique, concise, simple but memorable name to your podcast so that not only an experienced listener but also a new listener can search it easily. Include keywords in episode titles to help discoverability. Create a podcast website or landing page to boost your search engine optimization.
  3. Quality production- Use high quality podcast equipment and an experienced team to shoot the podcast in high quality. This will build confidence among listeners for your current and future podcast. They will ultimately recommend it to their friends.
  4. Create a great Podcast trailer – Create and share a short five seconds to one or two minute podcast trailer on social media to introduce you, podcast topic and any guest. It will create excitement among listeners and they will subscribe to your podcast before releasing. Consider including a transcript of your audio for each episode and helpful show notes.
  5. Know your target audience- Narrow your focus and try to find an audience by researching the typical age range, education level, geographic location and related interests of your ideal listeners. This will show that you are a mature and experienced podcaster who thinks about a wide range of topics.
  6. Release multiple episodes on launch day- Releasing only one episode at launch may upset listeners so release at least 3 episodes on the launch day to build confidence and excitement among them. After that try to release consistently so that people don’t forget about you.
  7. Request audience for reviews and subscription- Reviews play a key role in increasing the rank of podcast. Encourage each listener to give your podcast both five out of five stars as all listeners have options to rate your podcast 1 (lowest) to 5 stars (highest) and a short feedback in the form of text. Try to offer incentives in the form of a freebie, shoot outs and giveaway to encourage listeners to review podcasts. Reply about some early reviews to build a strong connection between you and listeners.
  8. Promote on social media- Today, almost all people are busy in their life but they are connected to each other through social media so we can say that social media is a great medium to promote your podcast. Promotion on social media platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram etc. plays a crucial role in connecting new audiences.
  9. Encourage local and online communities to subscribe and share- If you are a new podcaster and you have a limited audience then you must try to build a pre-existing audience, encourage people and friends in your family, office, playground and locality circle to subscribe and share your podcast on social media platforms.
  10. Invite Celebrities as a guest on Podcast- Famous celebrities like film stars, crickets, singers etc. have huge fan following. These fans may be your listeners also if their celebrity suggests them subscribe to  a certain podcast. People love to see behind the scenes pictures and videos of celebrities so one can also share them on social media to attract more audiences.


Exposure is the key for everyone to grow his/her podcast quickly. Apple iTunes is a powerful way to put your podcast in front of countless listeners. Only, iTunes has the potential to turn single handedly your brand new show into a popular hit. iTunes makes you famous and rich by attracting millions of podcast listeners and advertisers to monetize your podcast respectively. The iTunes podcasts go from hundreds to thousands of downloads per day.

Sameer Raj has a keen interest in technology. He spent most of his time socializing with gadgets & tools than human beings. With each of his articles, Sameer shares such unique tricks that you might never knew.